A Simple July 4th Vignette

When you visit a July 4th BBQ or celebration, more than likely, you’ll see the same style of decorations: the American Flag in all forms — banners, table cloths, ribbon, napkins, etc. While we love the American flag (and will use it repeatedly on our boat dock), we wanted to create an entirely different approach to a vignette.  Red, White & Blue are still the dominate colors and the elements are truly Americana but in a slightly more calmer way.

georgia & daughter: A Simple July 4th Vignette

We’ve had the antique window for a very long time but the other items are list below.

georgia & daughter: A Simple July 4th Vignette

We were given this Red Polka Dot & Striped Pennant for a baby shower but you can find similar ones at Oriental Trading (even in Chevron).

georgia & daughter: A Simple July 4th Vignette

Again, the frame is from our antique collection and we just simply printed out a free printable from HMH Designs. You can add any of your favorite quotes or printables.

Just a simple vignette that still celebrates the America that we love!

georgia & daughter: A Simple July 4th Vignette

georgia & daughter

Red, White & Blue Bouquet

We have a small confession to make that might shock some – Christmas is not our favorite holiday. Yes, we love Christmas and all things the holiday represents – love, family, faith and generosity. But sometimes the Christmas holidays can be very stressful and overwhelming. For us, July 4th evokes child-like giddiness. Why? We love everything that July 4th represents – summer, relaxation, celebration of our military, fireworks over the lake and pure happiness. Over the next few days, we will be sharing our favorite July 4th projects. We will also reveal Georgia’s boat dock decked out for a July 4th celebration.

Our first festive project: A simple Red, White & Blue Bouquet for daughter’s dining room table. Fresh flowers can add so much color, texture and happiness to any space so we would like to share our interruption for July 4th.

georgia & daughter: July 4th Bouquet

georgia & daughter: July 4th Bouquet

All of these flowers can be found in a Southern garden or even at most grocery stores.

1. Daylillies (Unfortunately, we do not have the scientific names as these were divided from a friend)
2. Gardenias
3. Mophead Hydrangea (we also used Lacecap Hydrangeas)
4. Queen Anne’s Lace
5. Shasta Daises
georgia & daughter: July 4th Bouquet

georgia & daughter: July 4th Bouquet

Let the week long festivities begin! Happy Fourth of July!

~georgia & daughter

Two Tone Tables with Free Paint

Has anyone else seen these coupons? I received mine through the mail but I just saw one in the July issue of Southern Living. Who can pass up free paint? Not this gal.

Valspar Coupon

Valspar Coupon 2

Well, I had the perfect project in mind for the free sample – my old, dark plant tables. I bought these from Pier 1 about six years ago and they never found their forever home. They floated from room to room and I was never satisfied. Finally, they were ‘stored’ in the garage for a few years so I decided to give these unloved tables a new look with shorter legs and a fresh coat of white paint.

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Design Trend: Agate and Quartz Accessories

Lately, we have been noticing a subtle hint of geology in designer spaces. Several design websites, catalogs and magazines have highlighted Agate or Quartz accessories as well as using these natural materials on a larger scale, think entire walls, countertops, floors, etc.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Design OCD

Design OCD



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DIY: Pallet Mirror

For a very long time, I have been wanting desperately to try out a small pallet project and I finally came across instructions for a beautiful DIY mirror. Best of all? This project did not cost me a dime! I had the mirror and all of the tools and supplies and I found free pallet wood.

georgia & daughter: DIY Pallet Mirror

You can usually find old pallets at any industrial park or business. Luckily, I work for a company who receives a large shipment once a month and the delivery guy was more than willing to unload the pallets. You will want to carefully examine the pallets for splits, rot and discoloration. Yes, the pallets are supposed to have character (that is why we love them!) but you still want useable, durable wood.

I came across this great tutorial on Shanty 2 Chic and I modified her instructions and measurements to fit my mirror.

Shanty 2 Chic: DIY Pallet Mirror

Shanty 2 Chic

Here are my modifications:

I have to admit that I used a lot of shortcuts during this project but I did not sacrifice style or function. I just did not ‘professionally’ complete this piece and accepted the minor flaws and imperfections.


I did not remove each board and its nails and then cut the board. I simply used a straight edge to mark my lines and utilized my circular saw to cut the boards away from the pallet. The length of the boards were perfect to fit the mirror.


Once all of the boards were cut (I used 7 boards), I sanded each one to remove any splitters. I decided not to stain or polyurethane the wood since I wanted the original color and finish. The inspiration photo looks a little more polished and refined and both are equally pretty.

Next, I decided on the board alignment and used two 2x4s as the back support for the entire piece. We nailed in each board moving down the 2x4s. One tip, decide on where your mirror hardware will hang and find an extra hardy piece of wood. My mirror hung on a cleat bracket so I needed a sturdy piece placed as my second board.


After all of the boards were nailed together, we screwed in the cleat bracket on the second board and slid the mirror into place.

Cleat and Pallet

For now, the DIY Pallet Mirror is placed on top of a tall, dark wood dresser and leans against the wall. The woods are competing for attention and the Pallet Wood needs to be the shining star! Eventually, I would like to hang it over a painted piece of furniture.

georgia & daughter: DIY Pallet Mirror

georgia & daughter: DIY Pallet Mirror

Again, you can see the imperfections that add character to a DIY project.



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