A Birthday Gift for the Husband (and the wife!)

When my husband and I moved from Omaha, Nebraska back home to Georgia, my husband had one request: a new, flat screen TV. I truly believe that the revolution of the flat screen TV is every wife’s design dilemma! It was much easier when we had a bulky, square TV. Just place it in a huge, beautiful armiore and close the door!

So for 4 years, my design dilemma was finding the right piece of furniture to place beneath the hubby’s beloved TV. And for 4 years, this is what I rolled my eyes at every day: an over-scaled, heavy coffee table creating the black hole effect with a black TV, black table, black cords.

georgia & daughter

The dreaded cords:

georgia & daughter

With the hubby’s birthday coming up, I knew that I wanted to surprise him with a new entertainment center plus a sweet sound bar. Because really, what husband asks for a new piece of furniture for their birthday? Unless, it is a new leather recliner so I had to throw in a sound bar for his movies and games. I found a great (and very inexpensive) piece but I had to do a little DIY to make it perfect.

TV Stand

I had a few parameters for the media cabinet:

  1. Between 45 to 55 inches in length and no more than 15 inches deep
  2. Rustic and casual, handmade if possible
  3. Open compartments as well as closed storage
  4. Under $200
  5. Real furniture, not particular board

Well it took me 4 years to find the (almost) perfect piece. The original cabinet was the right length, width and depth, created the right feel for the room and was only $150. I bought this at an antique store and the owner mentioned that the piece was handmade by a local artisan. Since it didn’t come with more information such as artist’s name, contact information, etc, I’m not 100% sure but I’m still overly excited! One thing kept bugging me though. The cabinet did not have ‘feet’ and was flushed to the ground. I’ve learned over the years, that if you are decorating a small space, choose pieces that have legs and the space will feel more open and light.

After looking over the piece for awhile, I knew that I could easily add legs without much trouble. Here is a step by step tutorial on adding feet to wood furniture. So do not be flustered if you find the right piece but it needs to be lifted just a tad!

I purchased a very simple designed foot (or can find a variety of styles on Home Depot or Lowe’s) and T-nuts. T-nuts connect the furniture and the new foot. You may have to ask for help locating the T-nuts in the hardware section. Make sure to match the foot’s screw to the T-nuts dimensions.


New “Feet” for the TV Cabinet


5/16″ T-Nuts



T-nuts holding a foot

T-nuts holding a foot

I flipped the cabinet over to view the bottom and marked where I wanted the new feet located. I only needed 4 feet on the outside perimeter but if you have a larger piece, you may want to add a foot in the middle. I used my drill and the 5/16″ drill bit to create the hole for the T-nut.


I gently hammered the the T-nuts into place and then screwed in the feet. I decided not to stain or paint my feet since the color was very similar to the cabinet. If you need to paint or stain the feet, do so as step #1.



Done! The husband came home to find a new TV Cabinet, a new sweet sound bar and pizza for dinner. Happy Birthday to both of us!

New TV Cabinet: georgia & daughter


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