Upcycle Coasters

Have you seen all of the sweet arts & craft projects on Pinterest lately? Oh my!

Daughter and I decided to try an easy upcycle coaster project one Sunday afternoon and we could not be happier with the final product!

Upcycled Coasters: georgia & daughterSupplies Needed:

  1. Old Coasters
  2. Modge Podge
  3. Clear Acrylic Spray
  4. Sponge Brush
  5. Pictures


Most of the projects we found on Pinterest used white ceramic tile, but we decided just to use the old coasters that I had around the house. It saved us money and the coaster already had the cork bottom.


The step by step instructions are very similar to the Photo Canvas tutorial.

First, take a lot of photos of your favorite subjects: flowers, trees, kids, pets, etc. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when we took these photos from my garden. One tip: Center the photo in your view finder and leave some dead space around the image. You do not want the image to take up the entire photo as we will need to cut it to fit your coaster.

Upcycled Coasters: georgia & daughter

Upcycled Coasters: georgia & daughter

Upcycled Coasters: georgia & daughter

Next, you can either print your photos at home or at your local photo shop. We printed ours on our home computer with mid-grade photo paper.

After you have your photos, decide on the coaster placement and the cut accordingly. Just like with the photo canvases, you do not want to have your photo right on the edge.

Upcycled Coasters: georgia & daughter

After you trimming your photos, use your small sponge brush to apply a thin layer of ModPodge over the entire photo and coaster. You’ll need approximately 3 -4 coats of ModPodge and you’ll need to allow drying time in between each one.

Upcycled Coasters: georgia & daughter

After the final coat of ModPodge, we left the coasters overnight for the sealer to completely dry. The next morning, we used a Clear Acrylic to waterproof the coasters. Again, let the coasters dry and cure overnight and then you can enjoy your new, upcycle coasters.

Upcycled Coasters: georgia & daughter


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