Adding some Teal to your life . . .

I have a strong love for both neutral inspired homes and spaces with pops of color. I try to balance neutrals and color in my own home and yet, I usually gravitate toward calmer colors. I recently decided that our home was getting a little too calm and needed some bold color. Let me introduce you to Annie Sloan Florence!

Annie Sloan Florence Table: georgia & daughter

It is just the right amount of color for a small side table in a pretty neutral living room. I love it! I also used this fabulous color on a kitchen cabinet (post coming soon) and love the bright, saturated color.

Teal Hutch

Florence is a relatively new color by Annie Sloan and I was curious to see if the anyone else loved this color as much as I do. The results are gorgeous and you can see how the paint changes color when you apply Clear or Dark Wax or if you distress the piece. If you have never used Chalk Paint before, take a chance and be adventurous and you can create amazing looks.  Be daring and be bold!


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