Bucket List: The World’s Longest Yard Sale

Georgia and I will finally cross an item off our Bucket List. Every year, for about 8 years, we have talked about attending the World Longest Yard Sale but never were able to go — until this year. We were very mindful in the Spring to check the 2013 dates (August 1 – 4) and marked them on our calendar. This weekend, we followed up with our schedules and made plans to go!

World Longest Yard SaleIf you are a DIYer, craft lover or a yard sale extraordinaire, I think this is a must see-and-do! The World’s Longest Yard Sale runs from Hudson, Michigan to Gasden, Alabama; 690 miles of pop up yard sales and DIY adventure.

World Longest Yard Sale Map

We will focus on the Southern portion of the route, Gasden, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our plan is to start in Gasden and then travel North and spend the night in Chattanooga, but depending on the number of sales and the quality of goods, we might stick around Alabama.

World Longest Yard Sale Map

What makes this event so unique? It is completely a grassroots, community-driven event. There are no admission costs or parking fees and if you want to be a vendor, you just set-up shop where you can. As for treasure, we won’t have any lists or specific desires, just junking for unique, one of kind finds that will share a story like, “I found this beauty at the World Longest Yard. . . ” We plan on showcasing everything we find, from the gorgeous to the bizarre so make sure to keep up with us!

We have no idea what we’ll find, who we will meet or where this windy road will take us but I can tell you that these girls might have to rent a U-haul to come home. Husbands beware.

For more information on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale, check out www.127sale.com.

~georgia and daughter

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