A Thrift Store Bulletin Board

Georgia and I love a good thrift store; one with a variety of inventory, quick turnovers and the most important quality, cheap prices! We are very fortunate to have a few good thrift stores in our hometown and we check them weekly. A few weeks ago, I spotted this old picture frame for $7 and I was intrigued by its shape, molding and solid frame. I can only guess at the original purpose of the frame; a mirror, art work, picture collage? It had a flimsy cardboard back, solid construction and the hanging hardware. It just needed something beautiful inside!

georgia & daughter: A Thrift Store Bulletin Board

Georgia is redesigning her home office and I immediately thought this would make a great bulletin board for her. I must admit, this has been one of my favorite projects.

georgia & daughter: A Thrift Store Bulletin Board

This project was relatively easy with the exception of cutting the foam cork board. I’ll explain a little later.

I painted the frame with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue, waxed and then distressed the frame and then waxed again.

Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue

Here is an upclose look at the distressed frame. I used a fine grit sand paper to remove the paint from a few areas. My idea was for a lightly distressed, worn look but you could always remove more of the paint for a more intense look.

georgia & daughter: A Thrift Store Bulletin Board

georgia & daughter: A Thrift Store Bulletin Board

Now, for the foam cork board. A lifesaver with a stubborn side.

When Georgia and I decided to create a bulletin board, we originally thought that we would have to buy cork and then adhere it to a foam or wood backing. We had no idea that the product already existed! Whew! We found this foam cork board in two different thicknesses at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s near the regular poster board. Since this piece does not have a solid back, rather flimsy cardboard, I would recommend the thicker foam board.

georgia & daughter: A Thrift Store Bulletin Board

Hobby Lobby Cork Board

(Remember, always use a 40% off coupon!)

While this product saved us money to purchase the foam, cork and adhesive separately, it made up for the time factor. The thrift store frame had curved corners and therefore, we had to cut the cork foam board to accommodate. Not an easy task but with a razor, scissors and some elbow grease we made it work. The cuts were not clean and pretty but the original backing covers any mistakes.

You can see the seam of the two boards but eventually, it will be completely covered.

Again, I love re-purposing things from a Thrift Store and finding new uses for unloved items. Believe me, this beautiful bulletin board has found a new, loving home in Georgia’s home office.

georgia & daughter: A Thrift Store Bulletin Board

georgia & daughter: A Thrift Store Bulletin Board


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