A Beautiful but Flawed Dresser

As you may already know, Georgia and I love yard sales, thrift stores and of course, auctions! We found this little dresser at a local auction for $40. It is a simple, small oak dresser with a not-s0-pretty back. However, we knew that the dresser would be backed against a wall and the drawers functioned properly. Since we buy most of our furniture second hand, our pieces are rarely perfect and often have ‘character flaws.’ Yet, we cherish each piece because in reality, nothing is perfect so don’t be afraid to seek a diamond in rough.

Why do we like this piece? It is small at 29 1/2″ W x 29″ H x 15″D and can be used in a variety of spaces. It has simple lines that will be highlight by a bright paint color and our favorite element, it sits on wheels!

georgia & daughter: Auction Dresser

Back of Dresser

georgia & daughter: A Beautiful but Flawed Dresser

This was a straightforward sand, prime and paint furniture redo. Since we didn’t use Chalk Paint, we needed to sand and prime the piece before painting. We used a spray primer and Benjamin Moore paint in Prescott Green. The original hardware was in good condition but needed to be cleaned. We used Brasso to shine it up.

georgia & daughter: A Beautiful but Flawed Dresser

Benjamin Moore Prescott

Benjamin Moore Prescott Green

Lesson of the Day: Every piece of furniture can be both beautiful and flawed – just make sure it is functional! No one but us will know that this beauty has a not-so-pretty other side, but who doesn’t?

georgia & daughter: A Beautiful but Flawed Dresser

georgia & daughter: A Beautiful but Flawed Dresser

For the tabletop accessories, everything but the photo album and the wedding illustration came from thrift shops or yard sales. The wedding illustration was purchased for an anniversary gift and it reflects one of my favorite photos from my wedding day. Hurricane Rita did not stop the party! For more information on custom drawn illustrations, check out Almost Noelle on Etsy. I placed another order but the drawings are so popular, there is a 5 month waiting list!

~georgia & daughter

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