A Tween Crafting Party!

This weekend, my husband and I got to hang out with M for a few hours while her parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. M is a very mature, loveable pre-teen and I didn’t want our time together to be too boring for her! I came up with a few art projects that could be completed in a short afternoon. Don’t worry, we watched movies and ate ice cream too. I love a girl who chooses ice cream over popcorn!

Since it was her parents wedding anniversary, we made a photo canvas of one of their favorite photos. To see the instructions, see our post A Craft Party – Photo Canvas. This project is so simple for anyone to do and M had a present to give her mom and dad!

georgia & daughter: DIY Photo Canvas

Next, we created a super cute, girlie project – butterfly magnets! In my craft supply, I found these old butterfly picks that were probably used for floral arrangements. We simple cut the wire stem, hot glued craft magnets (these can be found at any craft supply store) to the body and finished! This project could be created with any type of object — Leggos, old toys, GI Joes, charms, etc. The possibilities are endless!

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts

A few shots of the final butterfly magnets.

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts

Butterfly Magnets with logo

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts

Last but not least, we painted! I have plenty of canvases in my stash so M picked her size and then created her masterpiece. I was working on an abstract painting for my master bedroom and M asked a few questions about ‘abstract paintings.’ I am not an art teacher but I could at least explain abstract art and it must of worked because M went to work on her beautiful piece!

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts

All of the project supplies (except the magnets) were on hand and I didn’t invent the wheel when it came to crafts. However, M loved it and went home with a lot of loot! She even received a small goody bag with little prizes. My husband and I love hanging out with M as she has taught us so much! I’m a killer on the iPad app Flo and my husband is the perfect client for receiving a mani/pedi. (We have proof of the latter for blackmail.)

georgia & daughter: Pre-Teen Crafts


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