World’s Longest Yard Sale – Post-Party

Well, we’re back from Alabama and we had a grand ole time. Georgia and Daughter haven’t had a ‘girl’s weekend’ in several years so it was nice to leave and take off for the great unknown.

Let’s recap a little: The World’s Longest Yard Sale has been on our Bucket List for several years and we finally planned the trip this year. We really had no idea of what to expect. We traveled to Gasden, Alabama on Friday night and then started fresh Saturday morning at the beginning (or end) of the World’s Longest Yard Sale at Lookout Mountain and worked our way North to Mentone, Alabama and then back into Georgia.

World's Longest Yard Sale

To be quite honest, we did not find much in and around Gasden, as far as quality of yard sales. The town and people were wonderful and the mountain scenery was gorgeous. The yard sales, however,  were just that — personal yard sales with a ton of clothing, household items, kids’ items, etc. These would have been great sales if you were looking for these specific items but we weren’t. In the beginning, we stopped at every single sale because we did not want to miss any deals. But after coming away empty handed for the first several hours, we changed tactics.


The mountain road was so narrow and traffic moved slowly, that we were able to creep by and Georgia would quickly scan the yard sale for any quality finds. This tactic saved us a lot of time and disappointment.

World's Longest Yard Sale

World's Longest Yard Sale

We heard from several vendors that ‘dealers’ were out in full force on Thursday and Friday and wiped everyone clean. While this is great for the vendors, for us regular folk, not so much. We had a really hard time finding furniture! We were amazed at the lack of options but if we were looking for any chair style or old/new doors or windows, we would have hit the jackpot.

Georgia had the most luck right outside Gasden where she found this grain sack, Char-Boil grill, a neat wooden box and some other items. Yes, a grill! A vendor had come across an entire assortment of brand new grills so Georgia snagged one for $50. The grain sack has beautiful color and she will probably frame it for her home office.

World's Longest Yard Sale

New Char-Broil Grill for $50

World's Longest Yard Sale

Mirror, handmade birdhouse, grain sack, jewelry box, file box, knitting looms and a mason jar pitcher for around $30

Once we traveled outside of Gasden and into the mountains, we were able to find some wonderful sales and vendors. At least for us, we found more antiques, artisans and true craft vendors in Mentone, AL and surrounding mountain communities. Daughter fell in love with Mentone, Alabama and DeSoto Falls State Park and has actually booked a weekend getaway in October for her family.

Daughter finally scored with this wonderful dresser for her Master bedroom. She plans on using Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint and placing it under her TV. This was the only piece of furniture that we bought – crazy.

World's Longest Yard Sale

An antique dresser for $50

Here are our other finds:

World's Longest Yard Sale

A Pair of Glass Lamps for $20

World's Longest Yard Sale

A large and small cloche and turquoise glass bottle for $20

And here are our favorite finds that we didn’t buy:

World's Longest Yard Sale

A Pair of Red Doors

World's Longest Yard Sale

6 – 100 year old columns

Overall, we really enjoyed the weekend and met some interesting people during the trip. But now that we have an idea of the goods and sale items, our game plan will be different next year. Yep, we are going back! We’ll stay in Chattanooga and hit the outlaying mountain communities. If the sale is a bust, we will have plenty to do in Chattanooga.

On our way home, we spotted a fellow picker and admired her trailer. This is definitely something Georgia & Daughter needs!

World's Longest Yard Sale

~georgia & daughter

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