Our Fall To-Do List

Sometimes when we have so many projects in the works, its hard to stay focused and on task. Daughter is a huge list maker and so she has compiled our top priority projects to complete before fall fades away.

1. Restore Georgia’s Department Store Cabinet.

Georgia has not purchased an investment piece in a very long time. She had her heart set on an antique library card chest but couldn’t find one to fit her needs. This cabinet is so unique! It was used in department stores to display dress shirts and pants. The customers would view the clothes through the glass front while the drawers would face the salesperson. The cabinet was reasonably priced since it was missing its top. Georgia has cleaned the cabinet, stained a new top and bought new hardware. Completion percentage = 85% complete.

georgia & daughter

2. Reupholster Daughter’s Vintage Chairs.

Daughter received these gorgeous chairs as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the project slid down the priority list. The fabric and buttons have been purchased but its time for some elbow grease. Completion percentage = 15%

georgia & daughter

3. Rework Daughter’s Sideboard area.

Daughter’s dining room sideboard area is her sore spot. Her husband inherited his father’s Bose system that was bought while he was stationed in Germany in the 1970s. The stereo is in immaculate condition and still produces quality sound. It’s her husband’s pride and joy; however, it is still big and bulky. Daughter has an idea for an IKEA hack to help conceal the stereo but still provide the open air that the speakers need to provide sound. Completion Rate = 5% (Ideas count!)

georgia & daughter

4. Create a Mosaic Outdoor Table for Georgia.

Georgia loves a good craft project and her best friend recently completed a gorgeous mosaic table. Now, Georgia is inspired to find a cheap metal table and create one! Completion Rate = 0%

georgia & daughter

Georgia’s inspirational mosaic table

5. Finish Georgia’s Glass Door Shelf Unit.

Georgia bought this door for $25 at a thrift store and would like to turn it into the inspiration photo. All she needs to four brackets and two shelves and some amazing styling! Completion Rate = 15%

georgia & daughter

Inspirational Photo


5. Paint, Paint, Paint!

Georgia would like to repaint her guest room to transition into a craft room/home office and her second guest room to reflect the new bedding and curtains. She hasn’t decided on color palette for either because she is still researching flooring options.

Daughter plans to paint her kitchen nook White Dove by Benjamin Moore and her Master Bedroom in Revere Pewter.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove

We also have several furniture projects to paint! Completion Rate = 0%

6. Redesign Daughter’s Master Bedroom.

Daughter would like to soften the look for her Master Bedroom to a more casual, lighter vibe. Right now, the bedding and curtains are Navy with dark, rich wood furniture. Since she repainted the Flawed but Beautiful Dresser, she has been leaning toward soft blue/green hues and white or lighter furniture. The hunt is for the perfect bedding! Completion Rate = 40%

georgia & daughter

Now that we have our Fall To-Do List, its time to get to work!

~georgia & daughter

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