Artist Spotlight: Painted Expressions

Georgia and I try to support our local business community whenever possible. Mom and Pop shops built this country and we strive to buy from local shops. Local artists, especially, steal our heart and soul.  We love unique artists that build a solid reputation and establish new outlets for the business world. We honor and cherish any artist that can incorporate our love of the University of Georgia into a work of art. So to round out our School Spirit Week, we would like to introduce you to Kristen Yost, owner of Painted Expressions. This is our first post in a monthly series highlighting local artists and businesses.

Painted Expressions: University of Georgia sign

Don’t worry, Kristen offers other colleges and universities.

Painted Expressions: University of Alabama sign

Kristen Yost, owner of Painted Expressions, is just that, a tremendously talented artist that started a grassroots business on Facebook.  A business that grew from one basic creation, an American flag from pallet boards. Kristen and a girlfriend saw instructions on the internet, created one and posted the final product on Facebook. After a few friends requested the pallet flag, Kristen posted a few simple pallet signs on her own personal Facebook page. They sold immediately and orders started pouring in. Kristen explains her passion, “My creative hard work, and people wanting to display my signs in their home, it quickly became a craving for me.” In October 2012, Kristen created the Painted Expression Facebook page that now has over 500 followers. Since then, she has sold more than 300 signs!

Painted Expressions: American Flag Pallet Sign

The sign that started it all!

Kristen didn’t always know that she would have a thriving career painting signs. Her husband is an Army Ranger and she has five children ranging from 10 to 2 years of age. With a young family and the military lifestyle, Kristen always appreciated designing her home on a budget and had a flair of creativity. Little did she know that her sense of style and creative talent would be able to provide an income for her growing family. Sometimes, the overall experience with Painted Expressions has over-joyed her, “Every time I look over my order list, head to Home Depot for a huge load of wood, or I am reading my daily emails, I am blown away by this all!”

Painted Expressions: Army Range Sign

Where does she find inspiration for all of her designs? Anywhere! Pinterest is a great starting point and then often times, Kristen will interrupt it in her own unique way. Customers, too, bring their own ideas and thoughts to the process. “Most clients are coming to me with an idea that they have, or have seen, and my price and flexibility offer a great service and product.” The signs are custom to each individual order and range from very small to very large, 28 x 28.

Painted Expressions: Sweetly Blessed sign

Painted Expressions: Super Hero Signs

Kristen’s most recent creation, a 5 piece Super Hero set for a little boy’s nursery. Perfect!

Her signs are thoughtfully conceived, designed and crafted for each customer. Daughter owns two beautiful signs that receive more compliments than any other art work in her home. All signs are professional made, painted with quality products and sealed with polyurethane to provide a forever piece of art.

Painted Expressions

The Monogram sign is a best-seller.

Painted Expressions

The perfect gift for a newborn baby girl.

Painted Expressions: Handpainted signs

Daughter’s other beloved sign.

So whats the next step for Painted Expressions? For now, Kristen is finishing up current orders before relocating to Hawaii at the end of this year. Painted Expression is only accepting new orders on a limited basis so please email for more information. Make sure to like her Facebook page to keep up with her projects and sales. Kristen is always appreciative to her clients for this adventure, ” I have loved every minute of the excitement Painted Expressions has brought me!”


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georgia & daughter: DIY Burlap Flags

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

~georgia & daughter

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