DIY Burlap Flags Tutorial

A few weeks ago, we held a Craft Party and created spirited Burlap Flags for the start of the college football season. Georgia and I created the flags beforehand so the party participants could focus on the fun part of decorating. The flags were very simple to make and mimic the same process as our Dog Collar Bound Bandanas.

georgia & daughter: DIY Burlap Flag with UGA

We created our flags with burlap purchased from JoAnn’s and used an old garden flag as our template to trace a pattern. When tracing the pattern, we added about 2 inches to the top of the flag. Later, we folded used the extra length to create a rod pocket for our flag pole. To give the flag a little more weight, we cut two pieces of burlap and stitched them together.

For sewing the burlap pieces together, we used a 3/8″ seam stitch and left the top open.

Afterwards, we used the open top to flip the flag right side out.

Next, we used a hot iron to press the seams down and then folded over our top piece to create our rod pocket. After ironing, we simply stitched a seam across the flag to hold the pocket in place.

Backside of the Burlap Flag

We were ready to start painting our favorite team logos. Of course, you could add a monogram, seasonal or holiday items, etc. If you decided to make a Burlap Flag, please share your ideas and creations with us!

Jenna's Flag with logo

~georgia & daughter

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