World’s Longest Yard Sale Dresser

At the beginning of August, Georgia and I took a trip to the World’s Longest Yard Sale in Alabama. You may remember that we scored with a lot of smaller decorative items but bought only one piece of furniture. One! We had high hopes of bringing several large pieces home but it just wasn’t meant to be. We spotted this dresser in Mentone, Alabama and purchased it for $50. It came with a large attached mirror which Georgia will re-purpose for her office.

I was really drawn to the simple, yet curvy lines in the piece. I am currently revamping my Master bedroom and my current furniture is very ‘square,’ with hard lines so this piece will add some softness to the room. I decided to use Annie Sloan Pure White for a crisp, fresh look.

Annie Sloan Pure White

Georgia and I have painted numerous pieces of furniture and I learn something new each time. I learned a huge lesson on this project and the mistake almost made me walk away completely.

Over the years, I have come to be a firm believer in priming furniture. I’ve used a variety of products and really, they all work pretty well. The primer helps seal the furniture and provides a smooth, consistent surface for your preferred color. Well, I didn’t prime this Yard Sale Dresser and I’m not sure why? After the first two coats of Annie Sloan Pure White, I noticed the white was fading into a shade of orange. The top surface was perfect but the base was definitely not white. I had my suspicions. After a phone call to Georgia, the culprit was confirmed – varnish.

No shortcuts for this projects! After two coats of primer and another two coats of Chalk Paint, I almost walked away. Who paints 6 coats on one piece of furniture? Alas, I finished the project over the weekend and moved her into place. Eventually, I will mount a flat screen TV over the dresser but for now, she holds my pretty, girly items.

georgia & daughter: Annie Sloan Pure White Dresser

georgia & daughter: Annie Sloan Pure White Dresser

The Zinnias came from my own garden and they were out of control this year!

I am happy that I stuck with this project because in the end, the dresser works perfectly in the room. But here is my Lesson Learned:



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