{DIY} The Simplest Lamp Shade Re-Do

If you search for DIY Lamp Shade on Pinterest, you will find a plethora of creative solutions that range from gluing ribbon, fabric, burlap, or stenciling or painting. We always appreciate a beautiful lamp with an easy, cost-effective makeover.

Last month, we highlighted Daughter’s home office and after looking at a few photos, noticed that her lamps were a little boring. So we went to work to spruce them up with The Simplest Lamp Shade Re-Do. All you need for this project is fabric. No glue, paint or ModPodge.

We started with Daughter’s lamps with an elegant base but a plain white lamp shade. Right now, there isn’t anything special about these lamps. They definitely need a pop of color and texture.

We used roughly 1 1/2 yards of fabric to cover 2 lamps. First, we cut the fabric into strips, not evening measuring their width perfectly since the strips will eventually overlap one another. The strips were looped around the lamp and a knot was tied at the very top. We worked around the entire lampshade until the white shade was completely covered.

At the top of the lamp, we had several inches of fabric drooping over. We simply cut the excess to about 2 1/2 to 3 inches, again, not really measuring since we didn’t want it to be precise.

Knots 2

After cutting the excess fabric, we ‘fluffed’ and separated the extra fabric to our liking. You can see the before and after below, such a difference!

Before and After

The lamps were relocated back to Daughter’s office where they have much more presence in the room and add a pop of red. This is such a simple project with a high impact result. The possibilities are endless for this project – holiday fabric, bright, funky ribbon for a girl’s room, sports themed fabric, etc. We plan on using this same basic concept with our nieces’ bedroom with blue tulle for her ballerina theme.

~georgia & daughter

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