{DIY} No Sew Pumpkin Burlap Runner

Sunday marks the first day of Fall and the temperatures in Georgia are certainly reflecting the changing seasons. Fall in the North Georgia mountain can be simply breathtaking. To prepare for the cooler temperatures and shifting colors, we’re stashing away our bright, summer inspired accessories for pieces with more earthy, warm accents. Think rich mocha, pumpkin spiced lattes, deep forest green and glowing ember. Today, we wanted to share a project for those crafters who still haven’t mastered (or are intimated by) the sewing machine, our No Sew Pumpkin Burlap Runner.

georgia & daughter: {DIY} No Sew Burlap Runner

If you fall into the ‘please, no sewing projects!’ category, let us introduce you to a great product, Stitch Witchery. You can find it at any fabric or craft store – JoAnn’s, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. To use this product, you place the ‘tape’ between two pieces of fabric and iron on high heat. The tape will fuse together and create a hem. Always follow instructions on package for a perfect hem each time.

Stitch Witchery Product

Georgia spotted this gorgeous pumpkin printed burlap at JoAnn’s and decided to created a table runner for our fall vignettes. We bought 2 yards for a little under $20 and were able to create 3 custom table runners.

Daughter wanted to create a narrow table runner for her buffet that sits just below her large travel photo gallery wall. Her buffet is only 16 inches deep so she decided to create a 10 inch wide runner. We decided to use a 1 inch hem on both sides which made the table runner pattern, 12 inches wide by 72 inches.

The next step does not involve any sewing but does require some patience! Burlap tends to fray very easily and because of this character flaw, we wanted a neat and tidy hem. To accomplish this goal, we reversed the fabric and measured 1/4 inch all the way around the runner and pinned into place. Next, we ironed the folded sides into place. Remember to remove your pins as you iron! The photo below looks like 1/2 but we only came in 1/4 inch.

After ironing the 1/4 inch hem, we then measured a hem of 3/4 inch all the way around again and pinned into place. We ironed the hem in place on high heat. Do you notice the frayed edges on the first photo compared to the photo below? No loose ends!

After the 3/4 inch hem was ironed in place, we slipped the Stitch Witchery between the seams and fused into place. We used small strips of the webbing, working all the way around the rectangle. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package.

The Stitch Witchery will give you a nice, clean straight hem on the front and back on your project. Sometimes, this hem is straighter than using a sewing machine! You can use the fuse webbing on a variety of projects – light weight curtains, pillows, pant hems, kid clothing, etc.

georgia & daughter: {DIY} No Sew Burlap Runner

georgia & daughter: {DIY} No Sew Burlap Runner

georgia & daughter: {DIY} No Sew Burlap Runner


Happy Fall Y’all!

~georgia & daughter

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