Repurposing Wine Bottles & Corks – Part 1

A few months ago, Daughter sent out a request to her friends, soliciting any and all kinds of wine bottles and used corks. Without any questions, her friends delivered! Wine bottles of all shapes and colors were donated and a slew of wine corks appeared. (A huge thanks to all the girlfriends who made this post possible!). Daughter wanted the items for two different projects. She used the wine corks to create three different sized, textured spheres.  The wine bottles will be cut to create beautiful candles using only Acetone, string, fire and ice.

Wine corks can be used in a variety of projects, simply search Wine Cork Projects on Pinterest and you’ll find plenty. This project isn’t necessarily a new concept but the outcome is quite beautiful and adds another dimension to a wine bar or bookshelves. We have a few tips to add to the basic tutorial for a more polished finished.

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

Wine Cork Sphere Tutorial

Daughter found a photo on Pinterest but the link did not provide instructions. She knew the steps couldn’t be too difficult so she set out to complete her first pair of Wine Cork Spheres. She should have stopped after the first one! They might not look too bad from far away but you can see the flaws upon closer inspection.

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

In the original photo, the wine corks cover the entire surface and the Styrofoam ball could not be seen. Unfortunately,  this did not occur and the white contrasted too much with the corks. Tip #1: Spray Paint the Styrofoam black or brown OR shave the bottom of the corks to fit perfectly in between.

She also determined that she used way too much hot glue which appeared around the bottom. Tip #2: A little hot glue goes a long way.

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

You can find Styrofoam balls of any size at any craft store: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn’s or Wal-Mart.

First step, paint your sphere a coordinating color: dark brown or black. The Styrofoam absorbs the paint and takes a very long time to dry.

Once your paint is dry, use a hot glue gun to attach your wine corks. Daughter picked the ‘top’ of her sphere and placed one cork, she then worked outward. Placing a cork at the position of North, South, East and West. Once she had about 4 corks in all directions, she filled the space in-between.

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

The Styrofoam ball in the picture is a large shape and took A LOT of wine corks. This entire bowl was used for one sphere.

georgia & daughter

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

Sometimes you need two chances to perfect a craft project. Daughter still displays the original wine spheres on her living room bookcase. A friend also offered a great suggestion: spray paint the sphere with a solid, bright color or glitter for Christmas. Genius!

georgia & daughter: Wine Cork Spheres

Daughter is still accepting wine corks from friends and plans to create a another project using the ever popular herringbone pattern. Next month, Daughter will post the Wine Bottle to Candle project.

~georgia & daughter

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