One Yard of Fabric = Trendy Infinity Scarf

With colder weather moving in this weekend, it’s the perfect time to post a tutorial on how to create a simple infinity scarf from just one yard of fabric. We know this is a DIY & Craft blog, but we were finishing up a few other sewing projects so we decided to post this timely tutorial. Plus,  we considered this the ultimate DIY fashion project.

Daughter is loving the leopard trend for winter but wasn’t willing to commit a lot of money to a trend that might disappear next year. She has pinned several inspiration photos:

Leopard Print Scarf

via Pinterest

Leopard Print Scarf

via Pinterest

She found this great leopard silk-like fabric on the remnant table at JoAnn’s for $5. She could splurge for a $5 on-trend accessory!

Leopard Print Fabic from JoAnn's

Since this remnant was exactly 1 yard, Daughter decided to make an extra long infinity scarf but you could also make two smaller scarves. First, she marked the fabric at the half way point – 18 inches and cut the fabric into two pieces. The two pieces will be sewn end to end to create the ‘loop.’

Two Long Pieces to create an Infinity Scarf

Next, she hemmed the the longer sides on both pieces with a 3/4″ seem allowance. For a more polished look, you could hem the raw edges but these pieces will be sewn together to create the loop.

And finally, the end pieces were sewn together. Make sure to place the fabric right side together before hemming.

Now we are ready for boots and sweater weather! Daughter also will be on the lookout for a Tartan style fabric similar to the inspiration photo below.

georgia & daughter: DIY One Yard Infinity Scarf

Tartan Scarf

via Pinterest

~georgia & daughter

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