DIY Pickle Jar Luminaries

Happy Halloween Eve!

Did you know that Americans will spend almost $7 billion dollars on Halloween this year. Its now the second most popular holiday behind Christmas. Crazy, right? We decided to contribute about $20 to the overall spending estimate.

We decorate our homes for Fall (think leaves, pumpkins, etc) from September to Thanksgiving but after viewing so many amazing Halloween decorations on Pinterest, we decided to add a little DIY project for Halloween.

georgia & daughter: DIY Pickle Jar Luminaries

This project isn’t new or really innovating but it works so well for any holiday, and especially for Halloween. What better way to light the way, my dear.

Daughter has been collecting her used pickle jars for a few weeks. At first, she thought she would use chalkboard paint and create an luminary similar to this:


However, she didn’t want to be limited to one holiday or event. She found some old ‘snow’ in her craft supply closet and decided to try it on the Pickle Jar Luminaries.

After cleaning the jars in hot, soapy water and peeling off the labels, we dried the jars and took them outside. We followed the instructions on the can of snow and lightly sprayed a layer on the pickle jars. We have never used this product before and aren’t really impressed with the results. After 3 hours of drying, the snow was still wet to the touch and smeared easily. Even after drying overnight, the jars weren’t dry. Has anyone else used this product?

We still decided to create our lighted walkway for the neighborhood kids. We found battery operated tea lights at Big Lots, 10 for $6. For safety and longevity, these tea lights are worth the extra money. After Halloween, we will wash the pickle jars and recreate another look before Christmas.

georgia & daughter: DIY Pickle Jar Luminaries

georgia & daughter: DIY Pickle Jar Luminaries

georgia & daughter: DIY Pickle Jar Luminaries

Our first Trick-or-Treater arrived early and got a lot of extra sweets and loving, our neighbor Jenna and sweet KG.

Happy Halloween!

~georgia & daughter

One thought on “DIY Pickle Jar Luminaries

  1. I so enjoy georgia and daughter. Have just spent a very fun 30 minutes catching up on your latest projects that I missed while away. Planning to make a few Infinity Scarfs for Christmas gifts and think the grandchildren will have fun painting pickle jars for Christmas luminaries. The laminate floors look fantastic.

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