Made is the USA Christmas Gifts – Part III

We hope everyone had a wonderful feast with quality fellowship with family and friends. We kept it extra simple this year and truly enjoyed the holiday. After lunch, we surprised Georgia with a live tree and new Christmas ornaments. She was thrilled and we spent the afternoon getting in the Christmas spirit.

Did anyone shop on Thanksgiving? Or Black Friday? Have they created a new term for shopping on Thanksgiving?

Our last featured Made in the USA business is Knob Creek Metal Arts. Daughter’s youngest sister-in-law is a young, hip 20 something and is known (lovingly)  in the family as a bookworm. Daughter found the perfect gift for all of those heavy, thick books!

Knob Creek Metal Arts

Knob Creek Metal Arts is based in Louisville, Kentucky. While Daughter adores their sarcastic Nerd bookends, they also sell coat racks, wine racks, welcome signs, all with a slight weirdness. They can also design and create custom metal artwork, contact them directly for more information. The bookends were the perfect weight, not too heavy. The Nerd bookends were the laugh of the day and much loved by her sister-in-law.

Knob Creek Metal Arts

If you have a family member (or yourself!) who could appreciate a piece of handcrafted metal art with some personality, this might just be the perfect gift. Until January, Knob Creek Metal Arts is running a 15% discount, check their website for more information.

Here are some of our favorites:

Knob Creek Metal Arts

Knob Creek Metal Arts

Knob Creek Metal Arts

Knob Creek Metal Arts  Knob Creek Metal Arts

Again, we hope everyone had a special Thanksgiving! As always, we are grateful, thankful, hopeful and now joyful for the upcoming Christmas holiday!

~georgia & daughter

Made in the USA Christmas Gifts – Part II

We are continuing our Made in the U.S.A. gifts by highlighting a classic gift for women, the monogram. But not just any ol’ monogram, a large wooden monogram from Southern Proper Monogram, in Montgomery, Alabama. We love this monogram for its versatility to be used in a variety of settings – front door, wreathes, nurseries and even weddings!


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Made in the USA Christmas Gifts

Its Thankgiving and by now, most of you have seen the crazy Black Friday hours and deals. Before you head out to brave the crowds, consider buying some (or all!) of your gifts from small business owners that make their products here in the United States. This week, we will share some of our favorite gifts that we have given or received with the Made in U.S.A. stamp. First up, one of our absolute favorite gifts for the men in our lives comes from the great state of Montana.

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{DIY} Painted Dinner Napkins

Thanksgiving dinner, or any great feast, must have some pretty cool napkins. You can’t really enjoy the delicious meal without a  proper cleaning tool. For our last Thanksgiving Day project, we created these {DIY} Painted Dinner Napkins. Now we are ready for fried Turkey, garlic Mashed Potatoes and Pecan Pie!

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Thanksgiving Bouquet

Compared to other families, we host a mellow Thanksgiving Day lunch since we have a small family (6 members in all). We celebrate and feast at Georgia’s home with a buffet style lunch. No need for place cards or fancy table settings but we still wanted to create a festive centerpiece and tablescape.

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