Revamping an Old Metal Cabinet

While cleaning out her garage this summer, Georgia found an old metal file cabinet that needed some major TLC. Georgia debated on whether to keep the cabinet or donate it to Goodwill. The cabinet was still sturdy and included a unique feature, a workable safe component, that you cannot find on most new cabinets. So Georgia decided to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

Georgia decided to inject a new color in her home office/craft room and choose this Navy by Rust-oleum.  (It does appear darker than the photos suggest.)

To prep the cabinet, Georgia removed the drawers to clean the inside and then scrubbed the outside with a Brilo pad. The cabinet had a few rust spots which the Rust-oleum paint will seal and cover.

After a thorough cleaning, Georgia covered the handles and pulls with tape. Helpful Tip: Always use painter’s tape! Georgia didn’t and it was very difficult to remove without peeling the paint off.

Finally, it was time to paint! Georgia had to use two cans of spray paint to completely cover the cabinet. She let the paint dry for a few hours. After drying, she was disappointed that the paint appeared streaky and uneven.

Georgia had a few options: leave the cabinet as is, buy a can of paint in the same color and repaint, or keep trying the spray paint. She decided on option B and was extremely lucky to find the same brand and color in paint form.

Georgia applied a third coat of paint and was satisfied with the overall finish. The old metal cabinet now has a new, useful life in Georgia’s office. The perfect place to store her family photos and important documents, like Daughter’s fourth grade assignment on Hawaii.

georgia & daughter: DIY Metal Cabinet Makeover

georgia & daughter: DIY Metal Cabinet Makeover

You may recognize the Thrift Store Bulletin Board from this post.

~georgia & daughter

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