Why Daughter Choose to be Fake

Catching title, right?

No worries, this is a post about why Daughter selected faux hardwood floors (aka laminate) for her home. After 5 years in her first home, a decision had to be made about replacing the flooring. Daughter and her husband are proud parents to two large dogs and one happens to be a diva.

Daughter’s black lab and true Diva, JJ

Daughter’s ten year old black lab, JJ, has an obsession with scratching and clawing the carpet. They believe she might be trying to fluff the carpet before laying down or she prefers the cold concrete slab. Yes, her dog has scratched the carpet down to bare concrete floors. At first the torn carpet could be hidden with rugs and furniture but eventually, Daughter was so embarrassed by the hallway that a decision had to be made about replacing the carpet with new carpet or hardwood flooring.

Bare concrete exposed in Daughter’s hallway

Another bare spot located in the home office

Here are a few reasons why Daughter choose to be Fake:

Durability/Upkeep/Maintenance (or in other words – Dogs)

With two large, active dogs, Daughter needed flooring that would not wear easily and would not require constant care and maintenance. Real Hardwoods are absolutely gorgeous, but they tend to show scratches. Over the years, you may need to sand and re-stain real hardwoods to keep their luster. Laminate flooring will resist scratches, moisture and everyday use. This might be the biggest advantage for Laminate. Some critics suggest that Laminate flooring does not have the same depth or wood grain but we disagree, especially if you choose a mid- to high grade selection of Laminate. We do not recommend skimping on such an important and major element.


Since Daughter and her husband own a home on a slab, solid hardwood flooring was not recommended by our flooring specialist since they could not nail the hardwoods in place.


Laminate wood flooring usually consist of pressed wood while Real Hardwoods are just that, Hardwoods. Laminate is cheaper on product and installation. For mid-grade flooring, prices for product and installation will start around $4 – $5 per square foot. Depending on the product selection, the price might increase. You also have to consider your padding, quarter round and if you would like a contractor to remove the old flooring. To save around $400, Daughter and her husband, removed the old carpet, tack stripes and old padding.

Of course, you can save a lot of money by installing the laminate flooring yourself.

Added Value to Starter Home

Daughter and her husband live in a cute neighborhood with mostly starter homes and they weighed the added value to their overall market value. For them, the cost of real hardwoods did not provide enough return on their investment if they sold their home in the near future. However, if they knew they wanted to stay in this home forever, they might have installed the upgraded flooring for their own personal enjoyment.

*If you are considering laminate or hardwood flooring, please do extended research before purchasing. The above information is from our experience only. *

Here are a few photos of the work in progress:

Before carpet removal

During carpet removal

After carpet removal

We’ll post the ‘after’ photos on Friday!

~georgia & daughter

One thought on “Why Daughter Choose to be Fake

  1. Soo interesting!! This info should be sent again to the most stubborn “Bluehair” as I have been trying to make the same point for her floors!!!

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