Daughter’s New Fabulous Fake Floors

After deciding on laminate flooring instead of solid hardwood, Daughter and her husband visited North Georgia Floor and Restoration in Clarkesville, GA for samples and pricing. One of Daughter’s friends recommended this company and everything from the sales staff to installation was smooth and easy. The salesman recommended the Mohawk Bayview line for looks, durability and price point. Daughter and her husband pulled a lot of samples and then went home and researched the Mohawk line.

They knew they wanted darker flooring with a slightly rustic look and distinctive planks. They were very surprised at the selections as Daughter always thought she would have a shade of Hickory. Ultimately, they selected the Vintage Saddle Oak.

Here are a few of the top choices:

Bayview Bourbon Hickory

Mohawk Bayview Bourbon Hickory

Bayview Nutmeg Chestnut

Mohawk Bayview Nutmeg Chestnut

Bayview Vintage Saddle Oak

Mohawk Bayview Vintage Saddle Oak

The Nutmeg Chestnut was a close second and while Daughter loved the color and texture, it was more suited for a farmhouse. She kept a small sample of the Nutmeg Chestnut for future projects, perhaps her dream renovated farmhouse.

Installation took two days with a two man crew. The installers also added a white primed quarter round which Daughter later painted to match the base boards. You can also have the quarter round stained to match the floors. Both options look sharp.

Daughter and her husband are beyond thrilled with the new floors. The dark laminate floors add another layer of warmth and texture. Since the majority of the house had to be cleared (living room, dining room, office, hallway and 3 closets), Daughter is slowly making progress returning items to their original spots. The curtains haven’t made it back into the room and Daughter needs to buy a new, larger area rug. But here are a few photos of the new fabulous fake floors:

View from the Front Door

With carpet

With new laminate flooring

georgia & daughter

With furniture in place (except curtains and a rug)

View toward the Fireplace

With carpet

After carpet but before furniture

georgia & daughter

With furniture

Up close view of the Vintage Oak

Mohawk Bayview: Vintage Saddle Oak

Mohawk Bayview: Vintage Saddle Oak

Laminate flooring has greatly improved over the years, and it was absolutely the right choice for Daughter’s home. Although nothing really beats the look, feel and richness of solid hardwoods, laminate and even engineered hardwoods are providing cheaper, beautiful alternatives.

~georgia & daughter

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