Wood Photo Transfering Gone Wrong

This week, we decided to create a few projects we discovered on Pinterest and share our successes and our failures. We consider ourselves pretty resourceful and relatively knowledgeable about crafting and DIYing. Well, this project had us stumped! The tutorial instructions and process seemed easy but something went wrong or our expectations were set too high.

Our idea was to take these cute wood blocks from Michael’s and create a family photo gallery wall in Daughter’s guest bedroom. All of the photos would be of Daughter and her husband as young children or with family members.

After completing the project, Daughter isn’t sure if she will use all of the photo wood plaques. If you have any experience with transferring photos to wood blocks, please leave a comment and let us know our mistakes.

We found this seemingly simple video tutorial on Pinterest and followed the steps. (We added a step by ‘white-washing’ the wood plaques before applying the Gel Medium).

Here are our steps:

Supplies: Mod Podge, Gel Medium and White Craft Paint

Photos printed on regular copy paper

One layer of Gel Medium

Smooth out all air bubbles

Let them set overnight

Rub paper off with water

And here is where the project goes all wrong! It took us almost 2 hours to get the first layer of paper off. We let them air dry and realized the plaques had more paper. So we decided to use more water and scrub harder, which just led to scratches on the photo transfer. We worked over three days to rub all of the paper off and were so frustrated that we almost gave in.

Too many scratches

More layers of paper

You can really see the scratches on these plaques:

Can you even see Daughter?

The project did have one shining moment, the photo of Daughter’s husband and his mother transferred perfectly and exactly how we envisioned the results. What did we do wrong? We did not sand the wood plaques before crafting and that might have contributed to the deep scratches but the blocks were pretty smooth to start.

georgia & daughter: Wood Photo Transfer

Daughter decided to layout the wood plaques for a visual of the gallery wall. She still hasn’t decided if she will hang all of them or just showcase the one.

georgia & daughter: Wood Photo Transfer

~georgia & daughter

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