Chalkboard Art for under $5

This is our last post for our Pinterest Challenge week and it just might be our favorite! We’ve seen a lot of pins and comments about cheap, over-scaled art work created through Engineer Printing from OfficeDepot, OfficeMax or Staples.If you haven’t heard of the concept, let us introduce you! It might just change your life – well, maybe just change your perspective on cheap art!

georgia & daughter: Engineer Printing with free Chalkboard Printable

Engineer or Oversize Printing allows the user to take a photo, printable, or engineer prints and create large (think big!) black and white copies on inexpensive paper. Engineering printing will not create color copies and you need to make sure your original work isn’t too small of scale. We’ve heard rave reviews about the concept but were very hesitant about the outcome.  We started with one project and uploaded a free Thanksgiving printable from Nest of Posies. Nest of Posies offers free printables for personal use and here are just a few of our favorite Thanksgiving options:



Here are our steps after choosing our artwork:

1. We selected OfficeDept, only because of the location. We’ve checked and both OfficeMax and Staples offer the same printing services for about the same price. We went online,, and selected the Copy & Print option. Next, we choose the Document and Printing Services. This screen will appear:

2. Once the file has been uploaded, you’ll see this screen. Select Modify Output Size to change the size of the document. We selected 24 x 36 but you have several options.

Once you’ve uploaded your art work and selected your size, click continue through several screens and you’ll eventually end up at the check out screen. (Our 24 x 36 print was under $5.) You can select delivery or pick up in-store. After submitting the print, we received ready notification within an hour! We were ecstatic from the easy process to the end result. We’ve already selected a few Christmas printables from Nest of Posies as seen below.



Right now, we displayed the Chalkboard art work in an old window frame but Daughter has plans to build a simple pallet wood frame.

georgia & daughter: Engineer Printing with free Chalkboard Printable

We are thrilled to have a new avenue for creating artwork and the options are endless! These would also make perfect Christmas gifts, especially using our Photo Canvas Tutorial.

~georgia & daughter

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