Thanksgiving Bouquet

Compared to other families, we host a mellow Thanksgiving Day lunch since we have a small family (6 members in all). We celebrate and feast at Georgia’s home with a buffet style lunch. No need for place cards or fancy table settings but we still wanted to create a festive centerpiece and tablescape.

georgia & daughter: Thanksgiving Bouquet For flower arrangements, we try to use unconventional containers for an unexpected twist. Georgia has an entire bookshelf in her garage dedicated to containers, unique vases and odd bowls. For Thanksgiving, why not use our pumpkins from Halloween? We choose a pumpkin that had a flat bottom for stability and nice colors to complement our flowers. This variety happens to be Kakai.

To create the ‘pumpkin vase,’ we selected a cup/vase that would fit inside the pumpkin to hold the water. (Do not pour water directly into the pumpkin!) Then, we hollowed out the pumpkin and kept the seeds for planting in the spring. Make sure to clean the inside of the pumpkin. Place your cup or vase inside and fill with water. Finally, arrange your flowers. We selected a variety of mums and sunflowers that you can buy at any florist or even the grocery store.

georgia & daughter: Thanksgiving Flowers

Kakai pumpkin

We expect the pumpkins and flowers to last about a week. Perfect timing for Thanksgiving. For our tablscape, we used the same pumpkin printed burlap as our No Sew Burlap Runner and layered it with orange mesh. Rustic cast iron pumpkins and Georgia’s new crystal candlesticks round at the decorations. Simple. Colorful. Festive.

georgia & daughter: Thanksgiving Bouquet and Table

georgia & daughter: Thanksgiving Bouquet and Table

~georgia & daughter

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