{DIY} Painted Dinner Napkins

Thanksgiving dinner, or any great feast, must have some pretty cool napkins. You can’t really enjoy the delicious meal without a  proper cleaning tool. For our last Thanksgiving Day project, we created these {DIY} Painted Dinner Napkins. Now we are ready for fried Turkey, garlic Mashed Potatoes and Pecan Pie!

georgia & daughter: {DIY} Painted NapkinsA few months ago, Daughter picked up these framed napkins at Ballard Designs Backroom in Roswell. A pack of four napkins were listed on clearance for $8! We knew we couldn’t sew four large napkins for $8, so Daughter quickly scooped them up. She knew the blank space inside the ‘frame’ would make a great DIY project.

(Disclosure: We would not normally paint or alter any high end items from Ballard Designs but these were cheap enough that it would not kill us if they flopped. Please do not buy expensive linens to attempt this project, unless you are really, really good!)

Ballard Designs Framed Napkins

For the design, Daughter wanted a graphic that would convey a hearty meal but simple enough to paint. She discovered this great clip art that was in keeping with the ‘ink’ style of the frame and choose the word ‘feast’ to anchor the design.


She drew a similar design on paper to serve as a template for all four napkins. For the word ‘feast,’ she created a Word document with Black Jack as the font style.

Daughter used Acrylic Craft Paint in Black with a very narrow, thin brush to paint the napkins. Daughter isn’t sure how the Acrylic paint will hold up after several washes but she didn’t want to invest in fabric paint. If the designs fade, it might look even more weathered and inked! Win win!

georgia & daughter: {DIY} Painted Napkins

georgia & daughter

georgia & daughter: {DIY} Painted Dinner Napkins

Here’s to a delicious feast to you and your family! Happy Thanksgiving!

~georgia & daughter

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