Made in the USA Christmas Gifts – Part II

We are continuing our Made in the U.S.A. gifts by highlighting a classic gift for women, the monogram. But not just any ol’ monogram, a large wooden monogram from Southern Proper Monogram, in Montgomery, Alabama. We love this monogram for its versatility to be used in a variety of settings – front door, wreathes, nurseries and even weddings!


Last Christmas, we purchased the 14 inch 3-letter monogram for almost every lady on our Christmas lists. It was the perfect size for a door hanging or wreath accessory. Southern Proper also offers smaller monograms and extra-large ones that can anchor a wall, like this adorable nursery photo.

Southern Proper Monograms

The wooden monograms are made from birch wood and are shipped unfinished, perfect for any DIYer. The unfinished monogram allows you to add your own style and pizazz. You could change your monogram with each season or holiday! Endless possibilities! The monograms look striking when painted a bold color like the holiday red in the holly wreath below.

Southern Proper Monograms

You could also leave the monogram unfinished for a more natural look similar to the photo below. Gorgeous!

Southern Proper Monograms

Here are a few more options:

Southern Proper Monogram

Southern Proper Monograms

The ladies who received these as gifts were beyond thrilled and couldn’t wait to hang their monogram. After writing this post, we’ve decided to order a few more for ourselves! Make sure to order your monogram early as delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks.

~georgia & daughter

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