Sew Simple Squares – A Christmas Overlay

*This is the first post in our Sew Simple Squares series. We wanted to illustrate how basic sewing skills and basic patterns can produce gorgeous decor.*

Last year, Georgia was immediately drawn to a lovely, Christmas script fabric from our local fabric store, DesignFinds. We are true fabric hoarders; we could spend hours walking, exploring and daydreaming in fabric showrooms. Georgia decided to purchase 1.75 yards of fabric and unfortunately, we didn’t have time to sew before Christmas 2012. The beautiful, lonely fabric sat in Georgia’s craft room for over a year so Georgia made it her mission this year to use the fabric in time to celebrate Christmas. We made it our first priority on the to-do list!

georgia & daughter: Christmas Script FabricGeorgia decided to sew a simple square table overlay for her round, foyer table. Her round table is 28 inches but this pattern could work on any round table from 24 to 32 inches and/or a square table up to 52 inches.

georgia & daughter: Sew Simple Square - Christmas Table Overlay

Georgia also choose to back the Christmas script fabric with an off-white flannel material that will eliminate slipping. This step is optional but worth the extra time and money.

Flannel Backing

Again, this is a simple square pattern. For Georgia’s overlay, she decided on a 52 inch square and added an 1 inch seam allowance on each side. Basically, she cut out a 54 x 54 inch square from the script fabric and flannel backing.

Before pinning or sewing, she ironed the fabric. Next, she placed the fabrics with right sides together or as Daughter says, the pretty sides together. Georgia pinned the fabrics together all around the square.

For sewing, Georgia used an 1 inch seam allowance and worked her way around the entire square, leaving a small opening to turn the fabric right side out.

Small Opening to turn fabric inside out

After turning the overlay inside out, she hand stitched the small opening. For a crisp look, Georgia ironed the finished overlay before placing it on her table.

This is a great beginner project for anyone learning to sew. Don’t be intimidated by that machine! If you find a fabric that you love, don’t hesitate to create a beautiful design.

georgia & daughter: Sew Simple Squares - Christmas Table Overlay

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~georgia & daughter

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