Sew Simple Squares – A Buffalo Check Tree Skirt

*This is our second post in the Sew Simple Squares series*

Yesterday, we admitted that we have a slight obsession with fabrics and lately, Daughter has been drooling over a particular pattern. Buffalo Check. She can’t seem to get enough of it! She had to find the perfect way to introduce it into her home.

Buffalo Check

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Target Threshold Plaid Throw

Target:Threshold Plaid Throws

Daughter and her husband have lived in their home for 5 years and each year, they select a beautiful live tree. There is just one slight hiccup, Daughter has never had a proper tree skirt. She wanted a extra large skirt that would compliment her woodland theme. Unfortunately, after 5 years of searching, she was about to give up until this Christmas. Yep, you guessed it – we used our pattern for Sew Simple Squares to create a Buffalo Check Tree Skirt. Pure Perfection.

georgia & daughter: Buffalo Check Tree Skirt

georgia & daughter: Buffalo Check Tree Skirt

Daughter had to convince Georgia that it was perfectly acceptable to have a square tree skirt. Georgia was determined to make a round tree skirt but Daughter finally won. With a 10 foot Christmas tree, Daughter needed an extra large anchor and wanted something bold and striking.

We simply created another 54 inch square similar to Georgia’s Christmas Overlay that we shared yesterday. We followed the same steps except we cut a slit and a hole in the middle of the pattern. This will allow for the skirt to wrap around the trunk of the tree.

georgia & daughter: Buffalo Check Tree Skirt

A few hints about sewing a circle:

1. For a tree skirt, you’ll need to measure the circumference of your tree trunk. We added several inches to the diameter and placed the circle in the middle of the fabric.

2. When sewing a circle, take your time and go slow. You’ll need to constantly move your fabric in a circular motion.

3. Sew one seam around the circle and then sew a second seam extremely close to the right of the first one, less than a 1/16 inch. This will strengthen the circle’s seam.

4. After stitching two seams, you’ll need to trim the excess fabric. For this step, you’ll need to notch the fabric every inch. Measure an inch and then cut the fabric almost to the seam for about an inch. Make sure to notch the entire diameter of the circle.

To give the skirt a little more weight, we lined it with a linen colored cotton twill.

Daughter can’t get enough of this pattern and it works beautifully with the woodland Christmas theme. Finally, the gorgeous Christmas tree has the perfect partner.

georgia & daughter: Buffalo Check Tree Skirt

Even Santa wanted a peek at the new skirt.

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~georgia & daughter

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