A Reindeer Rescue

They were gold. They were broken. They were about to be donated. They didn’t coordinate with Daughter’s woodland Christmas theme. Could they be saved? Yes!

A Reindeer Rescue was in order.

Daughter’s grandmother offered three gold, paper mache reindeer to Daughter before donating them to Goodwill. She was hesitant to accept at first. They were really gold and needed some repair. However, they were free. Hot glue attached the broken antler, white spray paint removed the gold and some burlap added a rustic touch. Simple, easy, done.

georgia & daughter: White Reindeer

georgia & daughter: Christmas Front Porch

Disclosure: We have seen the same gold, paper mache reindeer at Michael’s and they were beautifully displayed. Daughter has also seen the gold reindeer work wonderfully within a family member’s red & gold traditional home. We just wanted to illustrate a different option.

~georgia & daughter

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