Inspirational Christmas Card Displays

Daughter keeps every, single card she is given. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, Miss you, Christmas. Every. Single. Card.

Yet, we struggle on how to display the beautiful Christmas cards that we receive. Most of the time, they are placed on the bar counter or mantel. Not the best solution, as they have a tendency to get disheveled. So what to do?

We went hunting to find the most creative ways to highlight our cards and here are the results.

1. Create a graphic wall art mural.

Christmas Card Wall Tree

via Pinterest

2. Use a hoop and clothes pins to make a Christmas Card Wreath

Martha Stewart Card Wreath

Martha Stewart

3. Line a door frame for a modern look.

Via Pinterest

  4. Hang from garland along a stair way or mantel

Via Pinterest

5. And perhaps our favorite way, replace your traditional ornaments with only Christmas cards. Daughter’s best friend created this tree last year and it was spectacular!

georgia & daughter: Christmas Card Tree

~georgia & daughter

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Christmas Card Displays

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  2. Love it! Kim you should keep your cards on big rings like they do fabric samples and then you can flip through them easily.

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