The Gift of Gold

The spirit of the Christmas season is rooted in generosity and kindness. Giving to others, whether they be family, friends or those in need, always brings warmth and joy. Finding the perfect gift that will delight youngsters, parents and the grands is one of our favorite traditions. Giving is really the bright side of Christmas.

But when you are giving to a young sister-in-law, you might have to stoop to the dark side of Christmas: Pinterest stalking.


Daughter’s youngest sister-in-law currently lives in Oklahoma City and is a hipster of sorts. She currently works for a non-profit child advocacy group, will be entering law school in the fall, loves books, politics and history. She is a super special lady and needs some super special, thoughtful gifts. (You can see the best bookends that Daughter purchased last year for her.)

Wedding 2005

Two items on Sister-in-Law’s Pinterest boards caught daughter’s eye. Both pins were great DIY projects and had a gold theme. Daughter loves ‘themes’ for Christmas gifts! The two original photos for inspiration are below.

Hopeful Wandering

Hopeful Wandering

Hukkster Gold Glasses


And here are the final DIY projects just for Sister-in-Law. We’ll provide tutorials after Christmas but we must say that the gold glasses will now be a favorite DIY project!

georgia & daughter: DIY Gold Polka Dot Glasses

georgia & daughter: Christmas Table Setting

georgia & daughter: DIY Gold Glitter State Canvas

Sister-in-Law has the choice to sneak a peak at her presents or wait until Christmas. We’ll see how long she can hold out . . .

~georgia & daughter

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