Preserving a Turtle Shell

We hope we didn’t lose you at the post title so please stick with us!

Every Fall, Daughter and her college buddies camp for a long weekend in the North Georgia mountains, usually during UGA’s football bye week. This past camping trip, they took a long hike on the Bartram Trail along the Chattooga River and Daughter’s husband found a turtle shell. Unfortunately for Lisa Turtle, it seems that she flipped on her back and couldn’t recover. The shell was perfectly clean without any of the remaining insides. Daughter immediately wanted to keep the shell and preserve it. Luckily, her husband and friends are used to her wild, crazy ideas. No one thought it was weird! So she brought it home and researched preservation methods for Lisa Turtle.

georgia & daughter: Preserving a Turtle Shell

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DIY Polka Dot Painted Glasses

From Sarah Plain and Tall to J. Lo. That’s how you could explain the transformation of these inexpensive glasses!

Remember when Daughter stalked Sister-in-Law’s Pinterest page for gift inspiration? Well, she pinned these beautiful gold accented vases. What a perfect DIY project!


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DIY Glitter State Canvases

You may remember that Daughter provided a sneak peak to one of Sister-in-law’s presents back in December, The Gift of Gold.  Sister-in-law currently lives in the great state of Oklahoma and we wanted to create personal artwork for remembering good ol’ Georgia. Personally, we think the gift was pretty sweet and perfect for a twenty-something with her first place. The gift was well-received and there may have been a squeal of delight.

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Daughter’s Most Thoughtful Gifts

Did you have a joyful Christmas and a celebratory New Year? We most certainly did! It was a wonderful holiday filled with parties, fellowship, laughter and smiles. Christmas may now be over but we are still oodling our most thoughtful Christmas presents.

As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts,” Daughter received some pretty amazing gifts and she wanted to share her top 5 most thoughtful gifts. And surprise, they weren’t expensive!

5. Handmade Children’s Ornaments

Daughter has very young nieces, nephews and second-cousins who can’t quite buy presents. Instead they created beautiful ornaments for each family member. Perfectly priceless.

MAC is the nickname for triplets – Maggie, Abby and Cooper

 4. Creative Outlets

Georgia gave Daughter two new art lessons for Calligraphy and Chinese Watercolors. What a wonderful gift for a creative person to learn a new talent. Now Daughter can address her envelopes in fancy script and paint her own masterpieces.

3. Meaningful Jewelry

Sister-in-Law gave Daughter the most beautiful silver bracelet. The bracelet was created by survivors of human trafficking through a wonderful organization International Sanctuary. We love their mission – purchase with purpose.

international Sanctuary

2. Bedside Reading

Great minds think alike. A cousin and a dear friend gave Daughter two extremely thoughtful books. The first, One Line a Day, is a 5 year journal where you write one sentence or thought per day. Daughter plans to use the journal as a Thankful Journal and give praise and thanks each day. The second book, Jesus Calling, is a daily devotional book, providing a much needed lesson for everyday living. These two books might be the most prized gifts this season.

1. Bedding

Now, this may not seem very thoughtful to everyone but to Daughter, it’s the most wonderful gift. For nine years, Daughter hasn’t really loved her bedding. It has served its purpose but it wasn’t inspirational, colorful or exciting. She has been wanting to redecorate her Master bedroom for some time and now she has the perfect jumping off point. The bedding has even motivated Daughter to finish her headboard! We love when a gift inspires all aspects of life. Daughter received new sheets, duvet cover, pillows and blankets.

Blanket – Threshold from Target
Duvet – Phillipa from Potterybarn

This Christmas was truly special to us and we hope your Christmas was just as magical. Remember, our most cherished items aren’t always the most expensive but the most thoughtful.

~georgia & daughter