DIY Glitter State Canvases

You may remember that Daughter provided a sneak peak to one of Sister-in-law’s presents back in December, The Gift of Gold.  Sister-in-law currently lives in the great state of Oklahoma and we wanted to create personal artwork for remembering good ol’ Georgia. Personally, we think the gift was pretty sweet and perfect for a twenty-something with her first place. The gift was well-received and there may have been a squeal of delight.

georgia & daughter: DIY State Map Glitter CanvasThis was the original image found on Pinterest from Hopeful Wandering.


Simple DIY Tutorial:

Supplies: Canvas (any size), choice of paint colors for base coat and stripes (we used white and navy), glitter canvas paper found at Hobby Lobby, scissors and ModPodge.

1. Find an appropriate map of your preferred state. We simply went online and found one for Georgia and Oklahoma. Print on paper or card stock (preferred).

2. Cover the entire canvas with white paint (or your base coat, if you are using multiple colors). Let paint dry.

3. Use Painter’s or Frog tape to create your stripes. Place accordingly, covering the all sides.

4. Apply your second color of paint, again we used Navy. If using a darker color, you may need to add more than one coat. Let each coat completely dry.

5. Let the paint dry for a little bit. When peeling off the tape, you do not want the paint to be completely dry. You may have to touch up a few spots with your white (or base coat) paint.

6. Set the canvas aside. On your Glitter Canvas Paper (by the way, this stuff is amazing and we can’t wait to use it for other projects!), trace your map on the reverse on the back side. Make sure when you cut the map out, the state is facing the correct way.

Gold Glitter Sheets

7. Place the Glitter Map on your canvas and secure with ModPodge. Let dry for 15 – 30 minutes.

8. After the ModPodge has dried, cover the entire canvas with ModPodge to seal the glitter. Note: A few glitter pieces may come off the paper, so be aware. Let dry and hang!

georgia & daughter: DIY State Map Glitter Canvas

This would be a great gift for anyone in the military. You could create an entire gallery wall of glitter maps!

~georgia & daughter

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