Things we love: Lanterns

Last summer, Daughter picked up this gorgeous Bristol Latern from the Potterybarn Outlet. Every day, the store has a special promotion with one item being an amazing deal. The product usually sells out really fast and Daughter was lucky enough to score the extra-large lantern for $20! (In hindsight, she wished she would have picked up several more as gifts.) The Bristol Latern is still in stock at the regular Potterybarn stores for $129. We’ve been searching and pinning some of our favorite vignettes with lanterns, check them out below!

Potterybarn Bristol Latern

Potterybarn Bristol Latern

We love lanterns as a classic design accessory. Why? They are versatile by offering design styles from contemporary to traditional. Lanterns come in a variety of colors, sizes and price points (IKEA has some inexpensive lanterns!). They add height, depth and dimension to any tablescape or vignette. Whether styled with simple white candles, live plants or a beach scene, lanterns make an impact!

We found these photos on Pinterest that utilize the classic design accessory for everyday decor, wedding props, patio lighting and holiday flair. We’ve captured a few of our favorite pins:

Latern on Patio

A simple tin lantern on an outdoor patio

Potterybarn Kingston Lantern

Two metal lanterns flank the left side of this beautiful fall vignette.
Potterybarn Kingston Lanterns

Christmas Lantern

A rustic wood lantern used for a festive Christmas centerpiece

Lantern with Beach Theme

A lovely beach theme lantern


Traditional lantern with vibrant green plants

Potterybarn Plymoth Lantern

Potterybarn Plymoth Lantern

Wedding Centerpiece with Lantern

Silver lanterns in a beautiful Wedding Centerpiece via Style Me Pretty


A glass lantern with live succulents create a stunning terrarium

Daughter’s aunt-in-law is extremely talented and shared her all natural Christmas mantel featuring two rustic lanterns. She has a great design eye and aesthetic!

georgia & daughter: All natural, rustic Christmas mantel

All natural, rustic Christmas mantel with pine cone filled lanterns

georgia & daughter: Pinecone filled lanterns

Pine cone filled lanterns


Daughter has gathered her inspiration and will work on placing and styling the lantern over the next few weeks. We’ll share photos! Which lantern style/design is your favorite?

~georgia & daughter

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