Happy Birthday Georgia!

Georgia will celebrate her (unmentionable) birthday this weekend. In honor of this special day, here are 5 wonderful things to know about Georgia. (By the way, she has no idea that Daughter created a secret post!)

5. She is a retired educator and will forever be a teacher at heart. She has filled every role from home economics teacher, principal to high school counselor. She is always lending supportive advice to friends and family.

4. She absolutely loves/craves/desires Key Lime Pie.

3. She is a project junkie. Always looking for something to build/reupholster/paint/change and her garage is housing probably 20 different projects at this very moment.

2. She is a card shark and plays with the best poker players in North Georgia, the Blue Hairs. The Blue Hairs comprise of 4 lovely ladies who travel, play, laugh and support one another. They also allow their daughters, the Baby Blues, to join in their fun (sometimes).

1. She is Super-Mom. She always goes above the call of duty for Daughter and Son-in-Law. She is generous with her time, encouragement and support. She has a gentle, loving soul and is a true caregiver. She sets high expectations of living, educating, thriving and loving for and from her family. She is a great friend, loving spouse, wonderful caregiver to her own mother and the best mother a daughter could hope for.

my mom is the super mom happy mothers day

Happy Birthday Georgia! May your weekend be filled with love, joy and laughter (and some shopping!).


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