A Late Winter Mantel

Mother Nature provides inspiration for every season. For winter, she simplifies the elements with a calmer color palette, quiet surroundings and a sense of peace.  It’s a time for rest and reflection. It’s been a harsh winter for the majority of country and bitter cold in the North Georgia mountains.

For Daughter’s Late Winter Mantel, we pulled inspiration from Mother Nature’s own handy work: winter white snow, bare birch trees, a distressed barn, a gorgeous deer and an angelic owl.

georgia & daughter: Winter Inspiration

This color palette is neutral but far from boring; the natural textures provide contrast and excitement. As we prepare and wish for the first bulb to emerge, we’ll enjoy the last of Old Man Winter with this peaceful, calm, natural mantel.

georgia & daughter: Late Winter Mantelgeorgia & daughter: Late Winter Mantel

An easy, paper rolled monogrammed wreath becomes the mantel focal point lending dramatic presence. You can find plenty of tutorials on Pinterest for the wreath and the wooden “C” monogram is from Southern Proper Monograms.

georgia & Daughter: DIY Paper Wreath with Monogram

Against the crisp white paper, wine corks add more depth and roughness. You can find our tutorial to make your own Wine Cork Sphere here.

In our hope for an early Spring, we bought pussy willow branches from  Momma Chappells Herbs and Art on Etsy. The willow branches were shipped fresh and the fuzzy branches add one more layer of texture. The willow branches will dry overtime and be available for lifelong projects. Purchasing fresh willow branches is much more economical than buying faux branches from a craft supply store and the difference in texture and quality is amazing!

We are preparing for our next big winter storm in the mountains. We’ve loaded up on firewood, chocolate and wine, who needs bread and milk! We are soaking up the last of the beautiful winter elements while secretly hoping that General Beau Lee was correct! (He predicted an early Spring on Groundhog Day.)

georgia & daughter: Late Winter Mantel

~georgia & daughter

6 thoughts on “A Late Winter Mantel

  1. You continue to amaze me with your beautiful work! The wine cork balls gave me an idea for using the cork screw shells we found in Costa Rica!!

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