DIY Burlap Heart Door Hanger

Well, St. Valentine’s Day is on Friday! Holidays are always much more fun when kids are involved. Some of our favorite childhood moments were crafting, baking or sewing with our grandmothers. We may not remember the exact projects but the memories are still so vivid. Those early projects have instilled a love of art, creativity and crafting through our family to this very day.

LOVE by Shel Silverstein

LOVE by Shel Silverstein

Since the South is bracing for another powerful winter storm, we wanted to share an easy Valentine’s Day craft for anyone home bound that would love to make memories with their children: a DIY Burlap Heart Door Hanger. Both adults and kids will enjoy this versatile craft project! We can vision several other shapes such as a shamrock, Easter bunny, turkey, etc that would use this base tutorial.

georgia & daughter: DIY Burlap Heart Door Hanger

We created this special door hanger for our nieces (5 years of age) to hang on their bedroom door or move it throughout the house. You could always increase the size to create a larger wreath for the front door. However, the smaller scale works well for the younger tots.

We didn’t buy any fabric for this particular project, rather, we gathered some scrap fabric: burlap, red polka dot and black chevron. Feel free to use your creativity and mix and match patterns.

Scrap Fabric

First, we created a heart shape from the polka dot fabric and an arrow from the chevron print. We cut small slits in the heart for the arrow to ‘shoot’ through. We ironed the fabric to remove the wrinkles.

The end pieces of the arrow were designed by cutting along the chevron pattern.

Next, we laid out an extra large piece of burlap. You want the fabric to be twice as large as your pattern because you will have two sides.

Hot glue (or fabric glue) your pattern to one side of the burlap. Make sure the other half is not folded under or else the glue will run through. After securing the entire shape, fold the burlap under.

After the glue dries, cut the heart shape out. Since your burlap is folded, you are skipping a second cutting step. Take your time to cut out the heart shape. You should end up with two hearts: one with the fabric and a burlap back like the picture below.

georgia & daughter: DIY Burlap Heart Door Hanger

Starting at one side of the heart, hot glue the outer edge for half of the heart. Use plastic bags to gently stuff the heart. Work your way around the entire heart; glue, stuff, glue, stuff. This will add more interest and dimension to the door hanger. It will look like a small pillow. Be careful not to over stuff.

georgia & daughter: DIY Burlap Heart Door Hanger

Finally, add wire, string or ribbon to the door hanger and place around a door knob!

georgia & daughter: DIY Burlap Heart Door Hanger

As you can see, we placed the cute little heart on our mantel, door knob and on small furniture pieces. I’m sure our nieces will come up with other ideas for play!

georgia & daughter: DIY Burlap Heart Door Hanger

We hope everyone stays warm and safe during the next snow storm. It’s the perfect time to grab those little ones and build snowmen, drink hot chocolate and make some crafts!

~georgia & daughter

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