Super Simple Spring Tulip Wreath

While Daughter is still soaking in the last bit of winter with her Late Winter Mantel, Georgia is enticing Spring to come extra early with this Super Simple Spring Tulip Wreath. Georgia was home bound for 4 days last week due to snow and ice. With so much time on her hands, she pulled out her crafting supplies and created this stunning wreath.

georgia & daughter: Super Simple Spring Tulip Wreath

To create this wreath, you’ll need faux tulips or flowers, filler greenery, a wreath form, ribbon, floral picks or pipe cleaners and scissors (or wire cutters).

Styrofoam Wreath and Floral Picks


Ribbon, Wire Cutters and Pipe Cleaners

Georgia used four large bunches of tulips for this wreath.

To begin, pin the end of your ribbon using a floral pick to your wreath and then wrap the ribbon around the wreath, overlapping as you go.

Next, use the filler on the outer edge and inner circle. You can adjust how much filler you would like. To secure, use the pipe cleaners or the floral picks.

For the tulips, Georgia trimmed one large bunch into 6 double stem sets. Then she picked them to the wreath, aligning the tulips in the same direction.

Once you have your filler and tulips, you may want to go back in a fill in the gaps with more tulips or greenery.

georgia & daughter: Super Simple Spring Tulip Wreath

Perhaps Georgia’s wreath will summon Spring a little sooner. The South enjoyed a beautiful, sunny weekend. Here’s to wishful thinking!

~georgia & daughter

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