Georgia’s Birthday Gifts

Last week we celebrated Georgia’s birthday with shopping, crafting and some tasty wine. In case you were secretly wondering, here are Georgia’s gifts from Daughter.

Any true DIYer should have this wonderful upholstery encyclopedia in their library. The instructions are clear and every step provides an illustrative photo. The book even tackles the most intimidating pieces such as a Wingback chair. You can find it at your local bookstore or Amazon.

Spruce: A Step by Step Guide to Upholstery

Next, Georgia received a custom watercolor painting of the Blue Hairs. It’s adorable and captures their spirit and personality perfectly. You’ll notice that they are relaxing on a pontoon with margaritas in hand (with their bocce set included)! The watercolor painting was purchased from Blue House Paperie on Etsy. Daughter sent several photos of the Blue Hairs and a few key points, suggestions, etc and Blue House Paperie painted this wonderful keepsake.

georgia & daughter: Blue House Paperie custom watercolor

These personalized gifts wouldn’t be for everyone but for Georgia, they represent her hobbies and dearest friends!

~georgia & daughter

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