50 square feet

. . . of creating, inspiring and dreaming. If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen the recent news that we are planning something new and exciting. Well, last week we rented a small, ‘half’ booth in a local antique mall. With our friends and family’s support and encouragement, we took a leap of faith. We are starting very, very small with only 50 square feet. But we hope to fill our ‘georgia & daughter’ booth with lovely furniture, inspiring decor and handmade items.

Booth Sign

We have a large learning curve. Today, we spent several hours debating, measuring, creating the ‘backdrop’ and we still aren’t finished. But we laughed, smiled and enjoyed the time spent together. We have a few items in the booth but our goal is to have the majority of the items on display by the end of March.

Booth Sign 2

Don’t worry, we have a great idea of the brown peg board!

If you live or visit the North Georgia area, please drop in a check out the Gainesville Antique Mall and stop by our booth!

~georgia & daughter

7 thoughts on “50 square feet

  1. That is exciting news. You know the ” blue hairs” will be frequent visitors and customers.

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