A Friendly Competition: Spring Wreaths

We aren’t sure why we feel the desire to create Spring Wreaths while it is still 40 degrees in Georgia but we are back at it! And, we wanted to throw a small competition into the mix – just for fun.

Georgia and Daughter have differing design styles. Georgia has a more refined, classic palette. Her style isn’t fussy formal but there are traditional elements in her home. Daughter maintains a laid back style with a transitional design aesthetic. Neither one is ‘right,’ but we appreciate and understand each others likes and dislikes.

For Georgia’s home, she created a beautiful pink tulip wreath. The wreath is simply stunning as you walk up to her front door. The two tone pink tulips pop against the all black door.

georgia & daughter: Pink Tulip Wreath

After spying Georgia’s wreath, Daughter was inspired to create a Spring Wreath for her home but she wanted something slightly more modern and fresh. She bounced her idea of a bright green wreath form with white and black accents. To say the least, Georgia was not quite sure about a color that included black for Spring but Daughter set out to prove her wrong.

And here is Daughter’s Modern Spring Wreath . . .

georgia & daughter: Modern Spring Wreath

Of course, Daughter did not care for the wreath on her ‘not so pretty purple’ front door, so she moved it inside. Ahh, much better.

georgia & daughter: Modern Spring Wreath

Who said black can’t be used for Spring? Daughter loves the color combo and the white poppies provide a very bold statement. This wreath would be very striking on a black door, hint hint! We’ll share a complete tutorial on the Modern Spring Wreath on Monday. For now, we are going to host a small competition. There are no prizes involved, just a fun game.

Are you more traditional or more modern? Vote by leaving a comment!

~georgia & daughter

5 thoughts on “A Friendly Competition: Spring Wreaths

  1. Oh, I am so very, very traditional. Those tulips are gorgeous. Blue hairs tend to be traditional and always support each other!! Modern is appreciated but very seldom used.

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  3. I love the simplicity and elegance of the modern one! Definitely something I think I could make with close to no trouble :). It’s a nice one that could be used anywhere in and around the house.

    Both are beautiful!

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