Transformation Tuesday for a Tiny Tot

We are jumping on the Transformation Tuesday bandwagon. Instead of a body transformation, we wanted to highlight a furniture transformation!

georgia & daughter

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The Great Debate

There has been a Great Debate going on over at ‘georgia & daughter’ for a few weeks now. No, not about the political crisis in Russia and Ukraine. Nor is the debate about the impeding deadline for the Affordable Health Care Act. Nope, it’s not even about the Braves relocation to Cobb County. This isn’t CNN but rather G&D and we keep it lighthearted around here. The Great Debate is about this one piece of furniture.

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An Easter Craft Party

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, the Crafting Crew (yes, they needed a cool name with some street cred!) gathered for an Easter Craft Party filled with fabric, ribbon and of course, life’s musings. For the party, Daughter decided to present an Easter Door Hanger, similar to the Burlap Heart for Valentine’s Day. The lovely ladies are incredibly talented and created beautiful crosses and adorable bunnies!

georgia & daughter: A Burlap Easter Door Hanger

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Daughter’s Master Bedroom Mood Board

Have you ever wanted to redo a room but had too many ideas? Too many ideas that you couldn’t organize in your brain? Then you stroll on Pinterest and get another million ideas? And then, with so many ideas, you get stuck and can’t make a move in the right direction? Welcome to Daughter’s current state of mind regarding her Master Bedroom.

Daughter has been dreaming of a new Master bedroom for about 2 years. She dreams of a soothing oasis with touches of teal and gold. She kept getting sidetracked and finally decided to create a mood board to better collect her overall goal.

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Easter Printables

It’s the first day of the Lenten Season which means Easter is around the corner. It’s a special and magical time, anticipating Spring’s arrival.  Time for rejuvenation, awakening and the sweet chance for blooming. We reflect on the important things in life.

Gus and Lula Live Simply Print

Available from Gus and Lula on Etsy

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