Daughter’s Master Bedroom Mood Board

Have you ever wanted to redo a room but had too many ideas? Too many ideas that you couldn’t organize in your brain? Then you stroll on Pinterest and get another million ideas? And then, with so many ideas, you get stuck and can’t make a move in the right direction? Welcome to Daughter’s current state of mind regarding her Master Bedroom.

Daughter has been dreaming of a new Master bedroom for about 2 years. She dreams of a soothing oasis with touches of teal and gold. She kept getting sidetracked and finally decided to create a mood board to better collect her overall goal.

georgia & daughter: Master Bedroom Mood Board - Teal & Gold

While not all of these items will end up in the bedroom, they reference ideas and possibilities.

1. Michelle Armas painting, That Bowtie I Like

2. Threshold Slipper Chair in Yellow/White

3. Ballard Designs Gourd Lamp in Creme

4. Gold and White accessories

5. Crate and Barrel Kendal Yellow Curtain Panels

6. Large Gold Floor Mirror (already own)

7. DIY Teal Dresser

8. DIY Teal Upholstered Headboard

9. Potterybarn Phillipa Ikat Duvet Set

10. Teal & Gold Pillows

11. Liana nightstands (or a DIY)

12. Blonde dresser (already own)

Now, if we can find the time, energy and money to complete the makeover! At least we have a plan!

~georgia & daughter

3 thoughts on “Daughter’s Master Bedroom Mood Board

  1. Oh my!! Your thought processes baffle me, though I am always impressed, particularly today when I found an unpacked box from my last move, about–well too many years to mention!!!

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