An Easter Craft Party

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, the Crafting Crew (yes, they needed a cool name with some street cred!) gathered for an Easter Craft Party filled with fabric, ribbon and of course, life’s musings. For the party, Daughter decided to present an Easter Door Hanger, similar to the Burlap Heart for Valentine’s Day. The lovely ladies are incredibly talented and created beautiful crosses and adorable bunnies!

georgia & daughter: A Burlap Easter Door Hanger

georgia & daughter: A Burlap Easter Door Hanger

georgia & daughter: A Burlap Easter Door Hanger

Items Needed:

Fabric – 1/4 to 1/2 yard

Hot Glue

Burlap – 1/2 to 3/4 yard




Plastic Bags

Each crafter brought an assortment of 1/2 yard of fabric. Depending on the shape size, you could use a smaller or larger piece of fabric. You’ll need to decide on your shape; we chose a ‘fancy’ cross and a floppy ear bunny.

To start, on the backside of your fabric, draw your shape with a pencil. Cut your shape and if needed, iron the fabric.

Note: If you would like to create a floppy ear, draw the entire bunny shape and then cut one ear off. Complete the entire tutorial for the ear. You’ll have two pieces – the bunny’s body with an ear attached and a separate ear.

Next, you’ll want to double up your burlap fabric so you’ll only need to cut once. You can either use chalk to outline a slightly larger shape on the burlap or just cut around your shape. Note: You can increase or decrease the burlap width. Most ladies used an 1/4″ to 1/2″ burlap border.

After cutting, you should have one piece of fabric and two pieces of burlap.

To construct the door hanger, you’ll need to hot glue the fabric to the top piece of the burlap. You can set aside the second piece for now. Hot glue around the edge of the cross or bunny shape and press down firmly to the burlap. Note: The hot glue will go through the burlap and onto the table.

Glue around the outer edges of the fabric and adhere to the burlap

After the fabric shape is glued to the top burlap piece, you’ll start assembling the two burlap pieces together. Choose one side to start on. For example, we glued the large bottom circle of the bunny together on the outer edges and then stuff with plastic bags. Then move onto the second circle, stuffing as you work your way up the bunny. Only glue on the outer edge and pinch the the two burlap pieces together.

Before gluing near the bunny’s ear and top of head, insert and glue the separate ear. Pinch the ear down and you might need to place a small glue dot to keep the ear down.

Crafting Crew lady on the left is stuffing plastic bags, Crafting Crew lady on the right is gluing the burlap together

For fullness, you can add a lot of plastic bags or for a little shape, add fewer plastic bags.

Once you have completed the door hanger, you can add wire through the burlap and decorate with ribbon, fabric or any embellishments. Our ladies placed a bow tie on the bunnies and ribbon on the crosses.

georgia & daughter: A Burlap Easter Door Hanger

georgia & daughter: A Burlap Easter Door Hanger

This craft project definitely brightened a dreary, rainy day! This tutorial can be used for other holidays – Christmas Trees, July 4th, birthday parties, etc. You could also create an over-sized single letter monogram that would be striking!

Thank you to the Crafting Crew for playing!

~georgia & daughter

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