The Great Debate

There has been a Great Debate going on over at ‘georgia & daughter’ for a few weeks now. No, not about the political crisis in Russia and Ukraine. Nor is the debate about the impeding deadline for the Affordable Health Care Act. Nope, it’s not even about the Braves relocation to Cobb County. This isn’t CNN but rather G&D and we keep it lighthearted around here. The Great Debate is about this one piece of furniture.

Our grandmother wanted to donate this wonderful corner bar cabinet to our new business. She has had this piece for many, many moons and it is solidly built by Lane Furniture Company. The top doors open to showcase two glass display shelves and an expandable bar top. The mirrors even reflect the still working light! (Grandma did disclose that she isn’t sure when the last time she changed the bulb!). The bottom half holds the liquor and has a working lock. This would have been insanely cool in Daughter’s college apartment.

Glass shelves, extendable bar and mirrors

The bar shelf

So what’s The Great Debate? Do we try to sell this piece ‘as-is’ and hope for a buyer who can see the traditional lines, solid construction and respect the vintage vibe? Or do we remove the top scroll work, change the chunky handles and paint with a bright, crisp white for the more modern, younger buyer?

Remove the scroll work?

Replace with more updated handles?

Our thought process for painting furniture depends on several factors: condition of the wood, style lines and if the piece seems outdated. While the corner bar is in immaculate shape, it leans toward another era. On the other hand, it is produced by a respected furniture company and we would never want to diminish the value.

Decision: We are going to clean the cabinet and place it in our ‘georgia & daughter’ booth. If it does not sell in one month, we will bring it home for a facelift.

We’ll keep you updated on this crazy cool corner bar cabinet that we have named “Carl.”

~georgia & daughter

4 thoughts on “The Great Debate

  1. I was just going to suggest the same thing, it seems such a shame to change such a lovely piece of furniture. Even if it doesn’t sell within the month, the only thing I think I would change would be the colour, as I love the handles and scroll work. Linda x

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