Transformation Tuesday for a Tiny Tot

We are jumping on the Transformation Tuesday bandwagon. Instead of a body transformation, we wanted to highlight a furniture transformation!

georgia & daughter

An old high school friend of Daughter’s contacted her a few weeks ago. She was looking to refinish her childhood bedroom suite for her own daughter. (Daughter owes this particular High School Friend a huge debt since she saved her from getting jumped in a heated basketball tournament. Yes, she owes her big.) She had three pieces: a nightstand, a long dresser with matching mirror and a tall 5-drawer dresser.

When Daughter was able to pick up the furniture, she was surprised to find the furniture in such great shape. We weren’t sure of the brand name but each piece was stamped with “Made in the U.S.A” and you can’ beat that!

While the construction was solid, the styling was perhaps a little outdated. High School Friend was over the watercolor flowers and two tone wood. Instead, she was looking for a clean look, perhaps even shabby-chic.

Bye, bye florals

After all, this furniture needs to be able to transition as her daughter grows: from a toddler’s room to an adolescence’s room to a mature teen’s room and perhaps, to a college dorm room.  A classic white was the perfect color choice.

We won’t bore you with all of the details on this project but just an overview. While this project was not too time consuming, Daughter had to spread it out over a few days to allow for complete dry time. First step, Daughter labeled every drawer to correspond with the correct piece and location.

We had to fill in the original drawer pull holes with wood putty. We sanded and primed each piece with Zinsser’s Cover Stain Primer and the wood tops took three coats of primer. Next, Daughter used two coats of  High Hiding White from Ace. After painting, Daughter drilled holes for the new knobs purchased from Hobby Lobby.

With Two Coats of Primer

With Two Coats of Paint

New Knobs from Hobby Lobby

Daughter uses this wonderful resource as her guide when painting furniture. Centsational Girl does a great job with product resources, tips and tons of photos.

georgia & daughter

georgia & daughter

What a transformation! We hope this beloved furniture will now have a second life with a new generation!

~georgia & daughter

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