Caring for Sterling Silver Jewerly

In 2012, the Blue Hairs and Baby Blues took an adventurous vacation to Tamarindo, Costa Rica to celebrate a few milestone birthdays. Daughter turned 30 and two more Baby Blues turned 40! It was an experience like no other – we rented a 1970’s passenger van that we named ‘Wilbur’ and traveled cross country and explored beaches, remote villages and volcanoes.

The nearest town from our rented house was Tamarindo, which you may be familiar with due to its popular surfing legends (Endless Summer II was filmed here) and the Leatherback sea turtle nesting location.

PicMonkey Collage

While visiting Tamarindo, we stumbled upon EK Art Jewelry and we drooled over their designs. Each piece of jewelry handmade with shells and designs that we have never seen before. Daughter immediately fell head-over-heels in love with one ring in particular: an oval shape Sterling Silver ring featuring a Larimar gemstone.  After debating for a few hours over some margaritas, she went back and purchased the ring for herself as her 30th birthday gift. One of her most beloved treasures.

IMG_1255 with edits

But after two years of wear, the ring is beginning to tarnish. Daughter didn’t know how to clean or care for Sterling Silver and went to her trusted sources: the Blue Hairs. She received two recommendations and we thought our readers might be interested in how to clean and care for Sterling Silver and precious gemstones.

IMG_1249 with edits

IMG_1250 with edits

First, if you have a piece of jewelry that does contain a precious stone, you do not want to use liquid jewelry cleaner as it will eventually damage the stone. Instead, you have two options, a polishing cloth like the one featured below or Georgia’s personal DIY jewelry cleaner.

IMG_1251 with edits

Remember to follow the directions on the product and buff the jewelry. You can see the cloth after cleaning the ring.

IMG_1252 with edits

If you have stubborn or difficult tarnish, you can also use Georgia’s own secret recipe of Ketchup and Salt. Place the Ketchup and a dash of salt in a small bowl and let your jewelry sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Longer if the jewelry has intricate detailing and use an old, soft toothbrush to gentle scrub. Although ketchup/salt are usually safe on sterling silver, be careful with any stones. If they are soft or porous, do not use ketchup. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.


After polishing

IMG_1255 with edits

Now this beauty is ready for wearing! We love everything DIY at georgia & daughter – even jewelry cleaning!

~georgia & daughter

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