The Best (Unprofessional) Easter Bunny Cake

We apologize for being a little M.I.A. this week. We’ve been extremely busy with different projects (Georgia is finally getting hardwoods after 15 years!). We have several great posts for the coming weeks after visiting our favorite auction house and getting ready for Spring & Summer.

Before Easter, we wanted to share one of our most cherished traditions – our Easter Bunny Cake. Before the fancy cake molds from William & Sonoma, Daughter’s grandparents were creative enough to produce the most adorable bunny cake from two round cake pans. Each year, the bunny would be decorated differently. After 30 plus years, it remains the highlight of Daughter’s year.  It isn’t Easter at our home without one these!

georgia & daughter: An Easter Bunny Cake

To make your very own Bunny Cake, you’ll need a box cake mix (or homemade recipe), 2 round cake pans, 2 cans of icing and any decorative items such as sprinkles, chocolates, food coloring, etc. You’ll also need a larger cake board for the final cake.

The first few steps are very simple, just follow the instructions on the box cake mix. Using the instructions for baking 2 round pans.


After baking, let the two cakes cool completely and place one on your finished board. This round cake will be the bunny’s face so you’ll need to place it about 2/3 down. Leave room for the ears and bow tie. Place the other cake on a cutting board.


Working with the cake on the cutting board, use a knife to make two arcs. As Grandpa would say, “Make the cake look like a baseball.” The side pieces will become the ears and the middle section will be the bow tie.


Carefully place the ears and bow tie on the finished board with the first cake. Your bunny will look something like this:


We place small pieces of wax paper under the cake edge to help keep the board clean.


Now comes the fun part! You’ll need 1 to 2 cans of icing, depending on your preference of icing. Ice the entire cake. We’ve used blue, red and purple icing for the bow tie and pink icing for the ears. We’ve also had white, chocolate and pink bunnies! Use your imagination!



After icing the bunny, you can remove the wax paper and use sprinkles, chocolates, toothpicks, Twizzlers, etc to create the ears, nose, mouth, whiskers, etc.

georgia & daughter: An Easter Bunny Cake

It’s not perfect. It’s not professional. It’s not exact. And yet, kids will absolutely go crazy for it!

Happy Easter!

~georgia & daughter


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