Artist Spotlight: Catnaps & Cartwheels

Have you heard the saying, “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together?” The quote applies perfectly to our new favorite crafter and entrepreneur. We’re back with our Artist Spotlight and this month showcasing Catnaps & Cartwheels.

Catnaps logoBefore Easter, Daughter found Catnaps & Cartwheels through social media and was drawn to the quality and vintage vibe of the handmade stuffed animals and dolls.


Dana Hallman, owner, creator, seamstress, designer, etc, at Catnaps & Cartwheels always enjoyed crafting and art as a young child and teenager. Growing up, she watched and observed her mother sew her Sunday dresses, curtains and other household projects. (It’s funny how mothers can influence their daughter so much. We know this first hand at Georgia & Daughter.) It wasn’t until Dana was pregnant with her first child, that she attempted her first sewing project, a simple baby quilt.

Well, her first attempt wasn’t perfection and yet, that first quilt still holds a lot of love and appreciation for the long hours, disappointment and errors. According to Dana, “I look back on the quilt and see the imperfections and have to giggle. But that’s what I love about sewing, no piece is ever exactly the same. No matter how many you make, I like the slight difference.”

It was also the beginning of a new hobby.

Catnaps & Cartwheels

Storybook Critters

Then life decided to throw some tough choices her way. At 26 years young, Dana became a widow with two young children. After debating between working full-time and spending time with her children, she decided to make a change. Dana started selling a few of her wares at craft fairs, charity events and to friends. Her passion became her career. Her dedication to her craft paid off. She now has an official name and Facebook page, where you can order her precious animals or create a one-of-kind animal by contacting her directly.

So what inspired the name? After remarrying, Dana’s family grew to five active children and a supportive husband. She gives them all the credit. With five busy children, Dana ran her business between naps and cheerleading practice. And so, the name Catnaps & Cartwheels became the family’s business name. The cute, lighthearted name fits Dana’s style of design and animals. “Having five kids, they are constantly my inspiration for crafts,” says Dana, “Story time is also a huge inspiration to my design. The kids love books and are always seeking a new friend to fit their stories.”

Catnaps & Cartwheels

Storybook Animals: 3 little pigs & the Big Bad Wolf

The animals are adorable, whimsical and sure to bring joy to children and adults, alike. Daughter purchased three special order bunnies for her nieces and nephew for Easter. Daughter was smitten to give her precious loves heirloom quality gifts with a special touch of love.

Catnaps & Cartwheels

Special Order Easter Bunnies: Trucks, Multi-Strip and Polka Dot

Catnaps & Cartwheels

Precious Face

To purchase any of the animals from Catnaps & Cartwheels, visit their Facebook page for more information and pricing. If you are not local, your purchase can be shipped to your location. They also take special orders and encourage photos of your loved ones with their creations.

Catnaps & Cartwheels

Sweet girls enjoying their new bunnies

~georgia & daughter

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